SEVENTEEN Woozi & Samuel’s MAESTRO Challenge Sparks Viral Sensation — Here’s Why

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Before SEVENTEEN’s debut, netizens followed the members’ training and interactions closely. Among the original trainees was Samuel, who, unfortunately, didn’t debut with the group.

He parted ways with the company in 2013 due to his young age, supported by his mother’s concerns, as he was only 11 years old then.

Emotional Reunion: Woozi and Samuel Slay the “MAESTRO” Challenge

Despite not debuting with SEVENTEEN, Samuel’s path led him to a successful solo career.

SEVENTEEN Woozi & Samuel
SEVENTEEN Woozi & Samuel
(Photo : Twitter)

Recently, a TikTok challenge for “MAESTRO” brought him back into the spotlight alongside SEVENTEEN’s Woozi. The challenge showcased their incredible talents and left netizens in awe of Samuel’s growth as an artist.

Fans’ Reactions

The TikTok video of Woozi and Samuel’s “MAESTRO” Challenge sparked a wave of emotions among fans.



Social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter were flooded with nostalgic posts and heartfelt messages from fans worldwide. Many expressed their joy at seeing the two idols reunite and praised their remarkable performance.

“It’s amazing to see how much Samuel has grown since his trainee days. He and Woozi were a dynamic duo in the challenge!” – Fan Comment

Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN’s Woozi shared the group’s unseen struggles and expressed gratitude to his fellow members during a memorable appearance at the 13th UNESCO Youth Forum in Paris. Despite facing criticism and challenges, Woozi emphasized their collective determination to overcome obstacles together.

He highlighted each member’s unique contributions to the group’s resilience, from S.COUPS’ fostering of strengths to Joshua’s infectious smiles. The emotional acknowledgment underscored the deep bond within the group, moving both fans and UNESCO officials.

SEVENTEEN’s commitment to education and global initiatives was also praised, with the group actively participating in the #GoingTogether campaign and signing significant agreements with UNESCO.

Their historic participation in the forum showcased the power of music in inspiring and connecting youth worldwide. As SEVENTEEN continues to captivate audiences, fans eagerly await the next inspiring chapter in their remarkable journey.