SEVENTEEN’s Photocards Attracts a Huge Number of Blood Donors in Korea?

Starting from January 12, 13 centers affiliated with the Korean Red Cross’s Seoul Southern Blood Center provided SEVENTEEN’s photocards to blood donors. This was done to encourage blood donation among the younger generation by adding photocards to the options alongside traditional cultural gift certificates and hamburger set vouchers. 

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The Korean Red Cross’s efforts to attract new blood donors were successful. According to reports, during the event period, the number of new blood donors increased by 68.8% compared to the previous period. 

When compared to a similar period last year, the number of blood donors increased by 80.6%. Among the new blood donors, the percentage of those in their 10s and 20s was 81.7%.

A Korean Red Cross official stated in a media interview, “We prepared a total of 1,000 photo cards, and the response has been so positive that we have placed additional orders. Within the Red Cross, we also acknowledge that idol photo cards have had a significant impact on attracting new blood donors.”

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • Please expand this movement to the entire nation
  • K-pop fans are doing good work and getting photocards in reward. It’s a win-win situation
  • Other facilities should also offer idol photocards as gifts at this rate…
  • I think all other celebrities should do this as well. That way, all the fans will donate blood and there will no longer be any shortage in blood banks
  • They are truly trading blood for photocards LOL
  • This is such a great idea

Source: Naver, theqoo