SF9 Rowoon Shares Heartfelt Farewell Letter—’FANTASY’, Be Prepared to Cry

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Actor Rowoon, previously recognized by his birth name Kim Seok-woo and a prominent former member of the celebrated K-pop group SF9, recently communicated his sentiments and reflections on departing from the group.

This heartfelt message to his fans, also known as Fantasy, was conveyed through a handwritten letter shared on his official fan cafe on the 18th of the month, offering an intimate glimpse into his thoughts and feelings during this significant transition in his career.

In the opening lines of his letter, Rowoon expressed a sense of trepidation associated with returning to writing after an extended hiatus.

His words conveyed the anticipation and anxiety that often accompany sharing personal thoughts and experiences, especially after a period of relative silence.

Rowoon’s Raw Reflections: Navigating Personal Growth, Misunderstandings, and Celebrity Challenges

Rowoon shared how he had undergone considerable personal growth and development during his time with SF9.


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The challenges and experiences he encountered during his tenure with the group helped him evolve and adapt to new situations, ultimately contributing to his self-discovery and maturation as an individual.

A poignant aspect that Rowoon addressed was his inner frustration at not always being able to clarify misunderstandings, both minor and major, that arose during his journey with SF9.

This candid acknowledgment of the challenges faced by celebrities in the public eye illuminated the complexity of navigating a career in the entertainment industry, with its unique blend of accomplishments and obstacles.

Rowoon’s Heartfelt Apology and Courageous Resolution: A Profound Connection with Fantasy as He Embraces New Challenges

Rowoon courageously revealed his own inclination towards being soft-hearted, which led him to conceal his true emotions at times.


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He expressed his deep remorse and offered a heartfelt apology to fans who might have experienced hurt or disappointment due to his reserved nature.

His humility and sincerity in admitting these vulnerabilities resonated deeply with his supporters, showcasing the authentic bond between Rowoon and Fantasy.

In a touching gesture of gratitude, Rowoon conveyed his appreciation for the countless precious memories and experiences he had accrued over the span of seven years with SF9.

These years of growth and exploration in the world of K-pop were made possible, in large part, by the unwavering support and devotion of his fans.

Rowoon’s heartfelt recognition of Fantasy’s role in his journey underscored the profound connection he shared with them.

 Rowoon's Handwritten Letter

(Photo : SF9 official fan cafe capture)
Rowoon’s Handwritten Letter

At the age of 27, Rowoon declared his intention to embark on new challenges, signifying a significant turning point in his career. He emphasized his desire to possess the courage required to face these new endeavors head-on.

In his own humble and sincere manner, Rowoon requested that his fans continue to support and stand by him as he navigates this exciting chapter in his life. 

Rowoon’s Departure from SF9 Marks a New Beginning: Actor Gears Up for Lead Role in Upcoming KBS2 Drama ‘Wedding Battle’

Rowoon’s departure from SF9 marked the conclusion of a significant chapter in his career, but it also signified the beginning of new and uncharted opportunities.

While SF9 continues its journey as an eight-member group, Rowoon’s acting career has flourished over the years, garnering him recognition and acclaim for his performances in various dramas.

Notably, Rowoon is set to play the lead role of ‘Sim Jeong-woo’ in the upcoming KBS2 drama ‘Wedding Battle.’

This drama, scheduled to premiere on the 30th of the following month, promises to be a compelling platform for Rowoon to further demonstrate his acting prowess, alongside talented actor Jo Yi-hyeon, who portrays the character Jeong Soon-deok.


(Photo : Instagram|@ewsbdi)

Rowoon’s heartfelt letter to his fans serves as a testament to his authenticity, humility, and unwavering appreciation for the journey he shared with SF9 and Fantasy.

It also reflects his deep commitment to personal growth and new horizons, encapsulating the essence of an artist on the cusp of an exciting and transformative phase in his career.