SF9 Youngbin shares his feelings regarding Rowoon’s withdrawal from the group

SF9’s leader Youngbin expressed his feelings regarding Rowoon’s withdrawal

On Sep 18th, FNC Entertainment announced that SF9 members’ first exclusive contract period expired. Rowoon left the team and turned into an actor, and SF9 will reorganize the team into an 8-member group and start new activities.

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On the afternoon of the same day, Youngbin expressed his feelings, “I feel sorry that there’s nothing I can do for Fantasy (official fanclub) other than to repay you with better performances.”


He continued, “I had a lot of conversations with Rowoon during my last vacation. The conversations were a mixture of many things that happened over the past 7 years and the emotions we feel right now, so my heart is complex and subtle. I’ll cheer for Rowoon’s future as always with the hope that one day, our sincerity will reach one another and we can all smile brightly.”

He added, “Lastly, I hope it won’t be a long night for Fantasy, who got hurt by the news.”

Youngbin enlisted in March last year and is about to be discharged on Sep 28th.

Source: Daum