She Dated an Idol in College

In the recent episode of ‘Running Man’, Jeon So Min surprised everyone by confessing that she had dated an idol in the past

On September 17th, on SBS’s ‘Running Man,’ the members visited a cafe that Jeon So Min used to go to frequently during her college days. They ordered drinks and various desserts, including iced Americanos, cakes, and ice cream, to taste.

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Jeon So Min reminisced about her boyfriend from her college days while saying, “I really came here a lot.” Yoo Jae Suk mentioned that Jeon So Min had a job, but she spent all her money on dating with her boyfriend.

running man

Jeon So Min revealed that her boyfriend’s job was an idol, surprising everyone. Jeon So Min said, “My boyfriend made money too, but the payments weren’t good.” She added, “He was an unpopular idol. He is no longer an idol now.”

Yang Se Chan seemed to know who it was and talked about the age, while Kim Jong Kook mentioned the initials of an English name, making Jeon So Min flustered. When Jeon So Min tried to answer, Yoo Jae Suk stopped her, “If you say too much, it will become speculation.”

running man

When the members continued to be curious about who it was, Jeon So Min said with a nostalgic expression, “We really loved each other.”

Source: Insight.