“She really looks like Jennie” Aespa Ningning’s styling at the Versace event today

Aespa Ningning’s styling at the Versace event today

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1. I think she is the prettiest in Aespa

2. Wow, she looks legendary in light pink, reading the comments and looking back I think she looks so much like Jennie

3. Hul who is she? So pretty, for a second I thought it was Jennie

4. She looks like a ballerina

5. She is really the prettiest these days

6. Wow, isn’t she a princess???

7. Among the Aespa members, she is the prettiest.. Even looking at her previous photos before debut, she is amazing

8. She is a princess, she is so pretty

9. I thought it was Jennie, she’s so pretty

10. Pink suits her so well

11. Ever since she debuted, I thought she was the prettiest

12. Have you ever heard that she looks like Jennie?

13. She really looks like Jennie

14. It feels a bit like a combination of Yura and Jennie

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