Shin Hye Sun and Lee Jin Wook Are New On-Screen Partners For New Genie TV Original Series

Genie TV’s upcoming original series, To My Haeri, has confirmed its programming for the latter half of 2024, along with the casting of Shin Hye Sun and Lee Jin Wook.

Directed by Jung Ji-hyun and written by Heo Seok-won and Han Garam, To My Haeri (LT) follows the story of announcer Eun-ho, who transforms due to emotional wounds, and the healing romance that blossoms between her and her former boyfriend, Hyeon-oh.

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Director Jung Ji-hyun, known for works like Search: WWW and You Are My Spring, teams up with screenwriter Han Ga-ram, adding to the anticipation for this new series. With Shin Hye Sun and Lee Jin Wook in the lead roles, the spotlight shines even brighter on the project.

Shin Hye Sun takes on the dual roles of Joo Eun-ho and Joo Hye-ri. While Eun-ho is an aspiring announcer haunted by past heartbreak, Hye-ri is a parking attendant with an optimistic outlook on life. Shin’s versatility, showcased in various films and dramas, promises to deliver captivating performances in both roles.

Lee Jin Wook portrays Jeong Hyeon-oh, a renowned announcer and Eun-ho’s former lover. Despite his popularity, Hyeon-oh’s relationship with Eun-ho is complicated, adding layers to the storyline. Known for his diverse acting repertoire, Lee Jin-wook brings depth to his character, marking his return to the romance genre.

To My Haeri is set to premiere on Genie TV, Genie TV Mobile, and ENA in the latter half of 2024, offering viewers a fresh take on love and healing.