Shin Hye Sun Reveals Most Challenging Moment During ‘Welcome To Samdalri’ Filming: ‘My phobia…’

To give back to the viewers of the hit rom-com series “Welcome To Samdalri” before it closes its curtains, Shin Hye Sun shared her most memorable experiences and moments during filming. 

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Shin Hye Sun Shares Most Challenging Moment During Filming

On January 17, Hallyu superstar Shin Hye Sun made an appearance in Esquire Korea’s newest YouTube video.

Shin Hye Sun
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Currently, the actress stars as a renowned photographer in the romantic comedy series “Welcome To Samdalri” with Ji Chang Wook.

The show received high praises from viewers around the world, and even recorded an all-time high streak since its premiere in the past year.

As of this writing, the JTBC drama is only left with two episodes which raises the excitement to a new high. Many viewers expect to see an improved narrative and a satisfying ending.

'Welcome To Samdalri' Poster
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Shin Hye Sun, Ji Chang Wook
'Welcome To Samdalri' Stills
(Photo : JTBC Drama Official)
Shin Hye Sun

According to the actress, she exerted a lot of effort in perfecting her role. She said, “I wanted to convey the message of the story with my clear pronunciation and body language.”

In addition, Shin Hye Sun expressed her gratitude to the viewers by baring her heart out, sharing her vulnerable side with her beloved supporters.

“I flew back and forth for nine months during filming,” Shin Hye Sun said. “I took 34 flights despite my intense fear of flying.”

With the actress’ confession, fans couldn’t hide their endearment for Shin Hye Sun who showed nothing but dedication and bravery in order to fulfill her acting project.

Shin Hye Sun Remains Best Actress In Hallyu

With her back-to-back projects in prime time, fans were able to see her improved skills as an actress over time.

Shin Hye Sun
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Shin Hye Sun’s fans can’t help but swoon over the actress’ immersion with her role. The director of “Welcome To Samdalri,” Cha Young Hoon, even showered her with high praises.

He described the actress as “one of the actors who can do different drama genres with stable performance without exaggerating their characters,” proving Shin Hye Sun’s high caliber of acting.

'Welcome To Samdalri' Press Con
(Photo : JTBC Drama Official)
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“It’s an honor to be called “best actress” and “scene-stealer” by the fans and showrunners,” Shin Hye Sun shared. “Every compliment pushes me to do better and return with greater works.”

Shin Hye Sun hints at the high tension performance in the final two episodes of “Welcome To Samdalri,” which fans should never miss.

'Welcome To Samdalri' Stills
(Photo : JTBC Drama Official)
Shin Hye Sun

Catch the finale this Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 p.m. KST on JTBC and Netflix for worldwide viewers.