Shin Hye Sun Wows Fans With Hime Hairstyle — What’s Next For The Hallyu Favorite?

Since she returned to the limelight earlier this 2023, Shin Hye Sun has continuously dominated the entertainment scene with her undeniable skills and lovely visuals.

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Ahead of her silver screen comeback, the Hallyu superstar stunned the public with her amazing hair transformation. Check it out below.

Shin Hye Sun Rocks Hime Hairstyle In New Pictorial

Romantic comedy queen Shin Hye Sun graced the fashion scene as the muse of South Korean women’s clothing brand Joinus in its Fall & Winter 2023 campaign.

Shin Hye Sun

(Photo : Joinus Korea Official)

Styling with “Neverland” as the concept, the fashion brand embraces modernity as it produces a new collection that supports a style appealing to the younger generation.

With this, Shin Hye Sun, a global ambassador, transformed into a beautiful utopian princess in the campaign pictorial.

Shin Hye Sun

(Photo : Joinus Korea Official)

In the newly released photos, the actress expressed her enigma and sophistication as she rocked the hime cut, also known as the princess cut, a popular style among the new generation.

It is a unique Japanese look that is defined by a layered fringe that frames the face, usually in cheek length. In addition, it is Shin Hye Sun’s first time to try a new look as she has stuck to the simple permed hair for her professional work.

Shin Hye Sun

(Photo : Joinus Korea Official)

Thankfully, the hairdo perfectly matched the actress’ facial structures, and even gave emphasis to her soft features. The hime style also went well with the new collection which included a muted, lighter palette made of cashmere materials.

Check out Joinus’ F/W 2023 collection here. Meanwhile, Shin Hye Sun is gearing up for her upcoming film “Brave Citizen.”

Shin Hye Sun’s ‘Brave Citizen,’ More Upcoming Works

Earlier this year, Shin Hye Sun showed off her versatility as she returned with top-notch works “See You In My 19th Life” and “Target,” dominating both the television and silver screens.

'Brave Citizen' Poster

(Photo : News 1)
Shin Hye Sun

In the second half of 2023, a slew of acting projects will be added to Shin Hye Sun’s flawless filmography including “Brave Citizen” and “Welcome to Samdalri.”

She will pair up with Ji Chang Wook in “Welcome to Samdalri,” which follows the love story of childhood friends who reconcile as adults, and share their beautiful life filled with struggles, triumphs and romance.

Ji Chang Wook, Shin Hye Sun

(Photo : Ji Chang Wook Instagram | YNK Company)

It will air in December 2023 on JTBC. Moreover, Shin Hye Sun transforms into a boxer-turned-teacher in the thriller film “Brave Citizen” with Lee Jun Young.

It’s a webtoon-based movie that offers an eerie yet riveting narrative about the injustices that get overlooked in the real world. Don’t miss the arrival of “Brave Citizen” this October 25 in theaters nationwide.