Shin Hye-sun’s Heartfelt Confession About the Struggle of Being Unknown: ‘I Posted My Own Profile…’

In a recent episode of ‘Na Young-seok’s Sizzling’ titled ‘A hard-fought battle of actors who had a hard time acting,’ actress Shin Hye-sun offered a glimpse into her humble beginnings and the challenges she faced on her journey to stardom.

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Joined by fellow actors Byun Yo-han and EL, the episode provided a platform for candid discussions about the realities of breaking into the entertainment industry.

The Candid Revelation: Shin Hye-sun Opens Up About Her Early Career Challenges 

Addressing the common perception of actors attending auditions announced by agencies, Byun Yo-han emphasized the existence of alternative routes, particularly for those without representation.

He highlighted the use of media job search platforms as viable options for aspiring actors.

Shin Hye-sun
(Photo : Instagram|@shinhs831)

Shin Hye-sun elaborated on her unconventional approach, revealing that she would personally respond to calls for minor roles by posting her profile at relevant offices.

“I go to an office whenever they announce they’re seeking minor roles and post own profile there.”

Despite lacking a manager in the early stages of her career, she navigated the industry with determination, often driving herself to auditions.

Reflecting on the Past: Shin Hye-sun Reminisces About Her Humble Beginnings 

Reflecting on her journey, Shin Hye-sun expressed gratitude for the opportunities she received and downplayed the hardships she faced, stating, “I don’t think I had a hard time.”

She credited her breakthrough roles in dramas like ‘Secret Forest’ and ‘My Golden Life’ as milestones in her career, acknowledging the recognition they brought her.

Shin Hye-sun

(Photo : Youtube)

Byun Yo-han echoed her sentiments, emphasizing the importance of resilience and self-discovery amidst challenges. “We have to reveal ourselves and stand firm,” he remarked, highlighting the transformative power of perseverance in the face of adversity.

Shin Hye-sun

(Photo : Youtube)