Shin Hyunji “Whenever I see Jenny on the runway, I laugh because of her expression”

Model Shin Hyunji mentioned her close friend, BLACKPINK’s Jennie.

Shin Hyunji appeared on the web entertainment show “Salon Drip,” which was released on the 12th.

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In the video that was released, Shin Hyunji said, “During the runway, there are times when I have to do a ‘hold back laughter challenge.’ It’s hard to hold back laughter when you see people you know in the audience.”

shin hyun ji

She continued, “For example, when Jennie comes, it would be nice to know where she’s sitting, but by the time Jennie arrives, I have to change my clothes, so I can’t look at my phone.

Shin Hyunji imitated Jennie’s cute expression, saying, “She just has to look at me. Isn’t she so cute and funny? Since I know where Jennie is, I have to keep holding back laughter. Even after one section is done, I have to come back to the show. I keep feeling her gaze. When she comes back, the camera is behind my head and I can’t see it, so she winks to let me know she found me.”

Source: joynews24