Shin Min Ah and Kim Young Dae To Have Fake Marriage In New Drama

Cameras are soon to roll for the romantic comedy Because I Want No Loss.

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Because I Want No Loss 손해 보기 싫어서 (LT) tells the story of a man and a woman forced to marry because of their urgent circumstances. The woman had a fake wedding because she didn’t want to lose money and the man agreed to become a fake groom because he did not want to give.

Director Kim Jung-sik, who showed his witty style with TV’s original Work Later Drink now takes the directorial chair while writer Kim Hye-young of Her Private Life fame pens the series.

Giving an overview of the series, the production team shared Because I Want No Loss is a romantic comedy that can be enjoyed without calculation for the first time amidst the flood of various genres. It also pays attention to realism that everyone can relate to.

Meet the Lead Pair of  Because I Want No Loss

In the drama, Shin Min Ah portrays Son Hae-young, who hates losing money no matter when, where, with whom, or in any situation.

Shin Min-ah was chosen to play the role of Son Hae-young, who hates losing money no matter when, where, with whom, or in any situation. Son Hae-young had to share her mother’s love with those around her from a young age, and her relationships often fell below her break-even point. On the verge of missing out on a promotion at her company, she organizes a fake wedding.

Expectations are growing for Shin Min Ah, who has established herself as an irreplaceable ‘rom-com queen’ through Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, to the character of Son Hae-young who prioritizes zero losses.

Next, Kim Young Dae has confirmed his appearance in the role of Kim Ji-wook, a convenience store nighttime part-timer known as a citizen police officer and a righteous person in the neighborhood.

Ji-wook is a perfect part-timer with a personality that cannot ignore those in need around the neighborhood. He has a great work ethic and sincerity. After receiving a ridiculous proposal from Hae-young, a customer who is particularly different than him, he enters a new phase by accepting a part-time job as a fake groom.

Kim Young-dae has proven his presence in The Forbidden Marriage and will soon attempt a romance that crosses historical dramas and modern dramas in Moon in the Day to Because I Want No Loss raising expectations.

Meanwhile, TVING’s Because I Want No Loss is scheduled to be released on TVING and tvN in 2024, and the specific partner streaming platform has not been decided.

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Photo = AM Entertainment, Outer Korea