Shin Se Kyung Takes Back Statement of Not Wanting to Get Married —What Changed Her Mind?

K-drama actress Shin Se Kyung was quick to change her opinion regarding her statement of not wanting to get married. 

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Keep on reading to know what made the female star change her mind!

Shin Se Kyung Changes Her Mind And Expresses Interest in Getting Married

Shin Se Kyung
(Photo : Shin Se Kyung’s Instagram)

On January 25, Shin Se Kyung appeared as DEX’s celebrity guest on his YouTube talk show. While having a casual talk, the host mentioned the actress’ past comment about marriage. 

“Did you say in a previous interview that you wouldn’t consider getting married until you finished traveling around the world?”

In response, Shin Se Kyung was also shocked to say those things. “I can’t believe that I said something like that. Why on earth did I say that? Maybe I was just too young at that time.” As she elaborated on what she said, DEX playfully asked if the “Run On” star was already retracting her past message.

Shin Se Kyung
(Photo : Shin Se Kyung Instagram)

With wit and honesty, Shin Se Kyung nodded turned to the camera took back what she said, and pretended that she never said such a thing before. DEX then clarified to the viewers that the actress is now open to getting married, and she confirmed it with a yes answer. 

The actress clarified that she was still young at that time to say such statement.

As their conversation continued, another past comment from the K-drama star resurfaced where she mentioned that her ideal type was “Optimus Prime” from the famous movie “Transformers.”

Shin Se Kyung’s Ideal Type is ‘Optimus Prime’?

Shin Se Kyung
(Photo : Shin Se Kyung’s Instagram)

Upon hearing it, she automatically laughed and explained that there was a reason for it back then. According to the actress, whenever she was asked about her ideal type and dropped the name of an actor, it always made buzz. For that reason, she was not comfortable mentioning other names as it might lead to awkward situations. 

She chose to avoid getting someone else involved with her, that’s why she answered Optimus Prime as her ideal type. As she reminisced about those times, Shin Se Kyung laughed and thought that she did a great job preventing awkward situations from happening. 

Meanwhile, Shin Se Kyung has returned to the small screen with a historical series “Captivating the King.” She joined forces with brilliant actor Jo Jung Suk for this project. 

You can watch the drama every Saturday and Sunday on tvN at 9:20 p.m. (KST).

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