Shin Ye Eun Recalls Her Unforgettable Fan Girl Moment With TWICE’s SANA: ‘I’ve Been a Huge Fan’

Even celebrities like “The Glory ” actress Shin Ye Eun had their fair share of fangirl moments with the popular girl group TWICE.

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During her guest appearance on the#mce_temp_url# the 26-year-old beauty talks about the first time she saw TWICE’s SANA, who is also the temporary host of the show.

Shin Ye Eun Talks About Her First Encounter With TWICE’s SANA

Upon seeing the actress, the K-pop star showed excitement and was happy that Shin Ye Eun was her guest.

One of the first things that they talked about was their first encounter.

TWICE SANA and Shin Ye Eun
(Photo : Fridge Interview YouTube)

Although some didn’t know that Shin Ye Eun is friends with the TWICE member, the actress revealed that she is a huge fan of the girl group and wanted to meet SANA.

“I’ve been a huge fan of you, unnie,” she said, adding, “I liked you so much that I was like, ‘I need to have that allure SANA unnie has.”

According to her, what drew her to the singer was her personality, and she was curious to know what type of person she is.

Shin Ye Eun then added that TWICE’s SANA happened to know about this and was too embarrassed but at the same time excited to meet her.

“I didn’t know that you knew I’d been wanting to be close to you until we met at an event. I was there, absent-minded, until I noticed someone staring at me from a distance with twinkling eyes,” she said, and lo and behold, it was the K-pop star looking at her.

TWICE’s SANA even approached the actress and said, “I’ve been hearing about you.'”

Shin Ye Eun also mentioned that they exchanged their phone numbers right away during the event.

As for the TWICE member, she heard that Ye Eun was also at the event, was excited to meet her, and planned to talk to her.

“Fortunately, our tables were nearby. So I started staring at you,” she added.

According to Shin Ye Eun, she was nervous at that moment, but SANA clarified that she “don’t do that with just anyone,” and it just happened that she wanted to get to know the actress since they rarely saw each other even though they are in the same agency.

The actress made her debut in 2018 after joining the youth rom-com “A-Teen.” Since then, she has appeared in various K-dramas, playing supporting roles.

However, she received positive reviews when she portrayed the role of young Park Yeon Jin in “The Glory,” played by Lim Ji Yeon.

In the same year, she appeared in a lead role in the historical K-drama “The Secret Romantic Guesthouse.”

Shin Ye Eun Returns With New K-drama ‘Jeong Nyeon’

Shin Ye Eun
(Photo : Singles Magazine Korea)

With her versatility in acting, Shin Ye Eun lands another lead role in the upcoming K-drama “Jeong Nyeon.”

She will be joining the star-studded cast that includes Kim Tae Ri, Ra Mi Ran, and more.

Helmed by Jung Ji In of “Shining Romance” and “The Red Sleeve Cuff,” the webtoon-based K-drama is slated to premiere in the second half of 2024 via TVN.