SHINee Key Exposes SM Entertainment’s Secret ‘Formal Education’ Program — Shocking Details Inside

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During Episode 542, Doyoung treated the cast and viewers to a demonstration of his cooking skills, showcasing his prowess in the kitchen.

Additionally, he revealed his habit of enjoying meals while indulging in romantic Korean dramas, providing a charming insight into his daily life.

The Question of Jealousy

Towards the end of the segment, the conversation turned towards Doyoung’s personal life, with the cast inquiring whether he ever felt envious of couples, considering the challenges of being a K-Pop idol.

When asked if he ever experienced jealousy, Doyoung’s response raised some eyebrows. He replied, “Yes, not at all,” prompting humorous confusion from the cast members.

Their banter highlighted the complexities of navigating personal relationships within the entertainment industry.

SM Entertainment’s Ideological Education Program

The discussion then shifted to SM Entertainment’s training program, with particular attention paid to Doyoung’s senior labelmate, Key from SHINee.

Key shed light on the rigorous “ideological education” program that all trainees undergo, emphasizing its role in preparing artists for media scrutiny and tough questions, such as those related to romance.

Key revealed that the program extends beyond the initial two-year period, leaving a lasting impact on artists’ approach to various aspects of their careers, including how they handle inquiries about their personal lives.

Key’s Insight into Training

Key’s experience as an artist for nearly two decades offers valuable insight into the longevity of SM Entertainment’s training program.

Despite his extensive tenure in the industry, Key maintains a deft ability to navigate sensitive topics with finesse, as demonstrated by his nonchalant response to questions about dating.

Handling Tough Questions

Key’s casual response to inquiries about his dating life underscores the effectiveness of SM Entertainment’s training in equipping artists with the skills to gracefully sidestep potentially contentious topics while maintaining their public image.

The full episode provides a comprehensive look at Doyoung’s culinary talents, his love for K-Dramas, and the behind-the-scenes training that shapes the artists of SM Entertainment.