SHINee Key Radiates ‘Sibling Energy’ After Exposing Taeyeon to Her ‘Fanboy’ BamBam

In a broadcast, SHINee Key hilariously exposed SNSD Taeyeon’s personality to her long-time “fanboy” GOT7 BamBam.

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On September 15, BamBam’s YouTube channel, “Bam House 2 “posted the web show’s latest episode, featuring none other than second-gen K-pop icon, SHINee Key!

On this day, BamBam introduced him, saying:

“I came back to Korea after a long time. I’ve been abroad for nearly two weeks, and as soon as I came in, a new customer came. I met this person almost every week when I first debuted. He visited us today.

 He is a senior who is a professional entertainer, a professional idol, and an all-rounder who is a professional in life itself. So I’m quite nervous. I hope it will be a time to learn various things.”

SHINee Key Radiates 'Sibling Energy' After Exposing Taeyeon to Her 'Fanboy' BamBam

(Photo : BamBam (Xports News))

During the broadcast, the two reminisced their times as former M Countdown MCs, discussed doing their makeups as well, and mentioned Key’s new album, “Good & Great” released on the 11th.

The two stars continued by talking about their respective experiences as idols and recalled their friendship.

While enjoying drinks and food, BamBam then shared his honest thoughts about being a fan of SM artists despite initially debuting in JYP Entertainment.

Key who heard this immediately guessed:

“Like Taeyeon?”

BamBam then replied:

“Yes, Taeyeon, you know about that. Is she doing great?”

SHINee Key Radiates 'Sibling Energy' After Exposing Taeyeon to Her 'Fanboy' BamBam

(Photo : SHINee Key, BamBam (Xports News))

While BamBam asked Key about her long-time idol’s status with full of affection, the latter radiated chaotic “sibling energy” with SNSD Taeyeon by replying:

“She’s doing well or not, it’s her business.”

BamBam continued:

“That is the ultimate goal of Bam’s house.”

Key who was surprised, said:

“Taeyeon? Try contacting her then.”

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SHINee Key Radiates 'Sibling Energy' After Exposing Taeyeon to Her 'Fanboy' BamBam

(Photo : SHINee Key, BamBam (Xports News))

BamBam made him burst into laughter by replying:

“You think I’ve never tried it? I was even her concert MC in Thailand!”

As a result, Key gave him advice on how to make Taeyeon join her web show as a guest, saying:

“Starting from now, approach her slowly. If you suddenly ask her, she will decline it. You need to have a calm build-up. You need to give her some time to think whether it’s fine to be on the show or not.”

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Before the program ends, BamBam asks the male idol to review the food that they made as well as ask for his signature and feelings about being in the show.

Lastly, BamBam requested Key to say hello to Taeyeon for him.

Agreeing to this, Key also revealed:

“I was actually talking to her in Kakatalk a while ago and she was like, ‘Bam’s house? Ah, that contents are done by BamBam?”

Hearing this, BamBam suddenly screamed after overwhelming revelation and expressed delight, saying:

She knows this program. I thought she would never know.”

When BamBam was just at the peak of expressing his fluttered feelings, Key just had to “break” it for him and expose Taeyeon:

“How can she not know? She’s just lying around her house all day.”

After watching the episode, netizens left comments such as:

  • “Not Key exposing Taeyeon for being online and doing nothing at her home all day.”
  • “Taengkey truly radiates sibling energy.”
  • “BamBam is so relatable.”
  • “He’s one of us.”
  • “Key is like the younger brother who met someone who likes her older sister. He just has to destroy her image to BamBam.”
  • “Not Kibum shading Taeyeon.”
  • “Cutest loyal fanboy BamBam.”
  • “Did Key just call Taeyeon ‘unemployed’? hahahaha”