SHINee Key Reveals ‘Industry Secret’ on How To Know Where Leaked Songs Come From

In a broadcast, the 15-year idol SHINee Key revealed how to know who leaked their songs among teams they shared it with.

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How Do Idols Know Who Leaked Their Songs? SHINee Key Reveals ‘Industry Secret’

In a broadcast, SHINee Key unveiled how they fight frequent music leaks.

On September 14, the K-pop icon appeared as a guest on Lee Seok Hoon’s web show, “Ssulply.” On this day, Key toured with Lee around SM Entertainment’s building and revealed never-been-heard “industry secrets.”

In particular, Key and MC Seok Hoon visited the office design team of the production team 2 where it was revealed how prototypes were made before the actual album release. When Key heard about Taemin’s plan, he made everyone laugh by revealing his “evil joke” of formatting it.

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(Photo : SHINee (Instagram))

As they moved to the A&R department, Key complained about how he hadn’t completed his (release) yet, but the employees were already working on Taemin’s. As a response, the staff explained:

“We are in charge of Taemin. “

Key then replied:

“Ah, are you in charge of Taemin? Who’s in charge of me?”

SHINee Key Reveals 'Industry Secret' on How To Know Where Leaked Songs Come From

(Photo : SHINee Key (TopStarNews))

When he finally spotted the one in charge of him among Taemin’s team after she raised her hand, Key joked:

“Oh, the three of us came into the recording studio together. Don’t go into Taemin’s either. What are you going in for?”

At the same time, Key asked the employee in charge of Taemin:

“What does Taemin want you to do for him?”

SHINee Key Reveals 'Industry Secret' on How To Know Where Leaked Songs Come From

(Photo : SHINee Key (Sports World))

The SM A&R staff replied:

 “I’m inserting noise.”

Hearing this, Lee Seok Hoon expressed curiosity and asked why should noise be inserted and Key laughingly explained:

“Because of frequent music leaks. I’ve never revealed this in the entertainment industry, but for example, there are times when we have to play the song to the jacket team. 

It’s something only we know. There’s a “tzz” sound at the 10-second mark of the demo. If that version was leaked, it was leaked here (the jacket team).”

In another example, Key said:

“But if we sent it to the broadcasting station, and there was a ‘tzz’ in about 25 seconds. Then it was leaked from the broadcasting station.”

SHINee Key then showed a firm attitude toward the leak of the music source when Lee Seok Hoon asked what would happen to the broadcasting station if a song was leaked.

“They would be chased to the end, to the end of the earth.”

SHINee Key Recent Activities

Following SHINee’s comeback in June, Key continued his solo activities by releasing his latest album, “Good & Great” with a same-name title track on September 11.

The song, “Good & Great” boasts lyrics of sympathy for all workers in the world who take pride in themselves and what they are doing in the busy modern society. The main point of the performance was the choreography of “self-praise” where one pats their heads twice to show that “they did well.”