SHINee Minho Apologizes Following Shawols’ Disapproval of His Upcoming Activity: ‘I only wanted to…’

SHINee Minho penned an apology after Shawols expressed worries and disapproval of his participation in a Japanese sports variety show.

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Here’s the full story.

SHINee Minho Pens Apology Following Shawols' Disapproval of His New Project: ‘I only wanted to...'
SHINee Minho

On March 19, SHINee World/Shawol expressed their frustration to Minho’s label, SM Entertainment, following the announcement that the idol will join the Japanese sports variety show, “The Ultimate Sports Men’s Competition 2024,” set to air in May.

Through protest trucks, fans showed their concerns over the star’s safety and busy schedule as an idol and actor.

After PRISM Production explained the situation, Minho also stepped up to apologize to the worried fandom.

SHINee Minho Apologizes to Shawols After Announcement of Participation in Japanese Program

“The Ultimate Sports Men’s Competition 2024” is the Japanese spin-off the the Korean show, “Let’s Go Dream Team.”

In this program, competitors with incredible athletic skills are gathered to complete dangerous and difficult tasks/games under time pressure.

SHINee Minho
(Photo : Facebook: SHINee) Minho

As a result, Shawols sent protest trucks and conveyed that they want Minho to cancel his appearance in the show to avoid the risk of obtaining unwanted injuries.

The fandom also demanded SM Entertainment to focus on the star’s main job as an idol and actor instead, especially since the promotion of the show will most likely coincide with the group’s 16th debut anniversary.

Learning about this, SHINee Minho took to the fandom-communicating platform, Bubble to apologize to his fans.

“I apologize for making you worry, I only wanted to bring a smile to your face, but I’m sorry, still and I don’t want you to worry.

I’ll do well, and I will make sure I won’t get hurt!

Thank you, I’m sorry again! Sleep well and have good dreams.”

[translation provided by @/choiminho_bbl]

Meanwhile, international Shawols were furious at the fans who sent the truck to the agency, which made Minho apologize even if he didn’t need to.

Contrary to the protest truck’s intent, many of his fans were actually very supportive of Minho joining the show, knowing that he’s a huge fan of sports and he’s also known for his strong competitive spirit.

In fact, he went to the Marines and he holds a strong pride in finishing it, without using his vacation leave for an early discharge.

The organizer of the protest truck apologized, but Shawols can’t stop themselves from calling out and criticizing them for not only wasting money but for wasting Minho’s opportunity to enjoy the program aligned with his hobbies.

PRISM Production Announces SHINee Minho Will Only Appear in 1 Episode of the Show

SHINee Minho
(Photo : SHINee Minho (Dreaming)

As a response to this, the show’s production company, PRISM Production, released their official statement.

They revealed that the goal of Minho’s appearance in the Japanese broadcast was to “help Minho’s future activities in Japan as an artist, both as a singer and an actor.”

Through this, they also confirmed that Minho will only appear on the show for one episode which will be filmed on April 16.

Lastly, they attested to fans that they would ensure the K-pop idol’s safety by thoroughly checking and preparing for the filming process involving Minho.