SHINee Minho’s Career at Stake? SM Entertainment Finally Speaks Out on Variety Show Fiasco

SHINee enthusiasts recently caught attention as they voiced worries about Minho’s upcoming appearance on the Japanese variety show, The Ultimate Sports Men’s Competition 2024, set to air on TBS this May.

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Concerns centered around the potential risks the physically demanding show might pose to Minho, a beloved singer and actor.

The show, renowned for its celebration of athletic prowess through various competitions, prompted fans to take action, sending trucks bearing critical messages to SM Entertainment’s headquarters. Fans fear that Minho’s participation could lead to injuries, potentially impacting his career as an artist.

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SM Entertainment Responds

In response to fans’ apprehensions, SM Entertainment issued an official statement via SHINee’s social media channels. The statement, released through PRISM Production, aimed to address fans’ concerns directly and shed light on Minho’s involvement in the controversial show.

Below is a statement from SM Entertainment: 

SM statement
SM statement
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Hello, this is PRISM Production.

Firstly, we would like to express our gratitude to all the fans who have shown unwavering love and interest in SHINee. We have reviewed the various opinions you have shared regarding Minho’s schedule for his appearance on Japan’s TBS “Ultimate Sports Man Showdown 2024.” In light of this, we wish to provide some information.

The decision for him to appear on this highly popular broadcast program, which airs during the Golden Week in Japan, was made after considering its potential to significantly aid Minho’s future activities in Japan as an artist, both as a singer and an actor. This decision was reached following thorough discussions involving safety considerations among PRISM Production, the local Japanese management team, and the broadcasting company. Minho is scheduled to participate in only one episode of the recording on April 16.

We are fully aware of the concerns you, the fans, have expressed, and PRISM Production, together with the local management, is dedicated to alleviating your worries. We are committed to conducting a thorough pre-check and preparation for the recording process to ensure Minho’s schedule proceeds safely.

We are also fully aware of the love and support you have for SHINee. We promise to continue supporting Minho’s active endeavors in various fields, ensuring he receives our full support and encouragement. We commit to being a PRISM Production that strives even harder.

We ask for your understanding and patience, and once again, we thank you.

– SM Entertainment

PRISM Production clarified that Minho’s participation in the show was carefully considered to enhance his future endeavors in Japan as an artist. The decision was made in consultation with local Japanese management and the broadcasting company, ensuring safety protocols were in place.

Netizens’ Reactions

Below are the reactions of netizens to SM Entertainment’s statement: 

  • “That is amazing”
  • “We will support you all too Prism Team.”
  • “Thank you for taking response so quick.”
  • “Oh for minho’s activity! With this, hope it will appease fans worries”
  • “Good for him for standing his ground, I hope he has fun & I’m looking forward to the broadcast. “
  • “Thank you. We will trust and support Minho in his activities and every choice he will make for his career.”
  • “Please let Minho be aware that we love him, we support him and we’re always proud of him. “

Commitment to Minho’s Safety

Despite fans’ worries, SM Entertainment assured fans that Minho is scheduled to participate in just one episode of the recording on April 16. The company emphasized its dedication to ensuring Minho’s safety, with extensive pre-checks and preparations planned for the recording process.

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Acknowledging fans’ unwavering support for SHINee, SM Entertainment pledged to continue supporting Minho in his various ventures. The company expressed gratitude for fans’ understanding and patience while reaffirming their commitment to Minho’s well-being and success.