SHINee’s Fans Send Protest Trucks to SM Ent. Headquarters

The activities of (your) singers and actors should be your main (focus). Please ensure the safety of your artists.

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Fans demand active promotions and appropriate schedules to allow Minho show various charms and abilities as a singer and actor.

Immediately cancel schedules with risk of injury.

Respond consistently to the opinions of domestic fans, SM 2 Center!

Stop exposing our precious idol to danger! SM 2 Center must prioritize the health and safety of their artists and carry out artist-centric management!

Recipient: SM Entertainment 2 Center

Subject: Request for Cancelation of Recording for SHINee Minho in “The Ultimate Sports Man Competition”

1. We sincerely wish for your continuous prosperity.

2. We would like to announce the fans’ stance regarding the recent request for the cancelation of SHINee Minho’s participation in “The Ultimate Sports Man Competition.”

   a. “The Ultimate Sports Man Competition,” in which SHINee Minho is scheduled to appear, does not contribute to the artist’s career, and once the image of an idol singer is damaged, it is difficult to recover.

   b. The schedule raises concerns for the health of the affiliated artist. It is a situation where safety is not fully guaranteed, and there is uncertainty about what risks the artist may face.

   c. This is a significant issue that could affect the preparation for SHINee’s mini-album in May. As the health of the artist and SHINee’s activities take precedence for the fans, we request the cancelation of the recording from your company.

   d. For the future activities of “SHINee” and the development of SM 2 Center management, we kindly request cooperation from SM Entertainment regarding this matter.

   e. Since it seems that all contact methods, including Gwangya 119 and inquiry phone calls, are not being confirmed, we hope that the issue will be rectified promptly. We appreciate your understanding as we transmit this message via fax.

SHINee fans.


-Minho might willingly participate in the show, especially since he loves sports so much

-I can understand why fans are really worried… But now they’re being laughed at for protesting as if Minho’s their son…

-Minho probably agreed to participate in the show… But it does look worse than Dream Team

-Considering Minho’s love for sports, it’s most likely his own choice to participate. But after watching the videos from the comments, it does look really dangerous…

-They send protest trucks for the smallest things ever…

-It does look more dangerous than Dream Team…

-After watching the video, it seems like fans sent protest trucks because the show looks really dangerous. Ridiculing fans for worrying about their idols is not funny. 

-The show looks really dangerous. I can’t believe such program still exists in this day and age. 

-If my idol participated in a show like that, I’d absolutely hate it…

-SHINee is already at a position where they can refuse things, thoughㅠㅠ

-Why the fuss?? Do you really think the company forced him to participate? It has been 15 years since his debutㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-SHINee is no longer a rookie group. If Minho doesn’t like the show, I’m sure he would refuse to participate in it. Besides, Minho is not the type of person who can’t express his opinion.