[Shocking] ADOR secretly creates negative public opinion about HYBE artists, leaks business secrets and seduces the artist’s parents

[Exclusive] HYBE, the audit questionnaire for ADOR revealed, “Attempted takeover since early this year… They even received external consulting regarding the management of ADOR”

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1. NewJeans’ album hasn’t been released for almost 10 months because of that nonsense???

2. Wow, isn’t this a serious crime??

3. In the first place, if it weren’t for HYBE, would NewJeans have received so much attention even before their debut?

4. It’s beyond my imagination, but most of all, public opinion is having negative reactions towards HYBE artists

5. Wow… Isn’t this crazy??????

6. They must be punished appropriately and never allowed to participate in the entertainment industry again

7. No, what is she doing after NewJeans debuted so successfully?

8. I think Bang Si Hyuk had high expectations for Min Heejin so he gave her a lot of power, but she must have thought it was all hers so she betrayed him

9. As soon as they debuted, their first official schedule was to attend the Chanel event, but I wonder if that would have been possible if they hadn’t debuted under HYBE

10. To put pressure on HYBE, they secretly formed negative public opinions about HYBE’s artists and persuaded the artists’ parents. Are they crazy?

11. Even if NewJeans is raised by Min Heejin, will they maintain their popularity after leaving HYBE? What do you think about HYBE’s capital strength?

12. It’s beyond my imagination!

13. She is really impatient and greedy

14. It’s worse than I thought

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