Shocking messages between Min Heejin and Vice President Lee confirm HYBE’s accusations

[Exclusive] “NewJeans, over 1 trillion won”… Messages between Min Heejin and Vice President Lee

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1. Wow.. HYBE is bad, but Min Heejin is also bad…………;;;;;;

2. I know that Min Heejin has succeeded in winning the hearts of public opinion. I’ve said this consistently from the beginning of this incident until now, but it’s absurd that Min Heejin acted as if she was a victim of HYBE’s abuse

3. Min Heejin is a scary person

4. I feel sorry for NewJeans and I hate both HYBE and Bang Si Hyuk

5. She planned well but got caught. Now, stop playing the victim

6. I guess Theqoo is also part of Min Heejin’s plan to mobilize public opinion? The werid thing is that there are many people who think that Min Heejin is right even after seeing the evidence

7. Only idol groups with minors get hurt by these really ugly adults

8. So far, it seems like everything has gone according to Min Heejin’s plan

9. Even after seeing this, there are still many people who side with Min Heejin….????

10. But Min Heejin is really good at lying

11. Didn’t everything go as Min Heejin planned?

12. HYBE and Min Heejin, both are bad

13. I hope she will be fired this month

14. Min Heejin, stop using public opinion and give up NewJeans

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