Shocking Recent Whereabouts of Idol-Turned-Female BJ

DIA Somyi, Transforms into a Solo BJ After Leaving the Group … Agency Claims Her Contract was Terminated due to Health Issues

DIA Somyi Leaves the Team … Starts Anew as BJ ‘Chom-yi’ 

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Former member of the girl group DIA, Somyi, is currently active as an online broadcast jockey (BJ) after terminating her exclusive contract with her agency.

According to her agency Pocket Doll Studio on the 9th, Somi recently terminated her exclusive contract with the agency due to health issues.

Somyi, who joined the girl group DIA in 2017 and began her career as a singer, gained recognition by appearing on the KBS2 entertainment program “Idol Rebooting Project – The Unit.”

However, since December 2019, her absence from the group’s activities became increasingly noticeable, and in June 2020, she was officially excluded from DIA’s official activities, sparking rumors of her departure among fans.

Since November last year, Somyi has been spotted actively working as a BJ under the name “Chom-yi” on the internet broadcasting platform PandaTV. While there are various speculations among fans as PandaTV is a platform with a high proportion of adult content, Somi continues her personal broadcasts without expressing any particular stance.

Meanwhile, Somi, who is currently communicating through her BJ activities, is showcasing various contents including singing, fashion, and mukbang.

The articles poured out provocatively, as if becoming she was becoming an adult broadcast jockey.
The criticisms poured out as she was an idol.
She experienced identity crisis amidst overwhelming attention.
Feeling caught between the boundaries of being an idol and a BJ.
The weight of being a breadwinner at the young age of 24.

“The BJ who said, ‘I almost got sexually harassed’… captured on CCTV walking away slowly.”

“Company CE Attempted Sexual Assault on Me” … Former Girl Group Member BJ Sentenced for ‘Unintended Crime’ to Imprisonment

The prosecution sentenced A (24), who had been indicted without detention on charges of unintentional crime, to one year in prison during the decisive trial held under Judge Park So-jeong at the Seoul Central District Court on the 27th.
Once a member of a girl group, A, after suspending activities, worked as a BJ. She accused the agency representative, B, of attempting sexual assault in January last year, but B was not indicted for attempted rape by the police.
Afterward, A filed an objection against the non-indictment decision.
The prosecution, who took over the case, judged that A had falsely accused B out of spite after demanding that the agency representative break up with his girlfriend, which was rejected. They based their decision on closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage and prosecuted A for an unintended crime.
During the trial, A stated, “I don’t want the agency representative to be punished,” but also argued, “However, it is not acceptable to claim that (B) tried to have sexual intercourse by agreement or harbored resentment because he didn’t want to break up with his girlfriend.”
In response, the prosecution submitted CCTV footage as evidence of unintentional crime immediately after the incident. The footage showed A slowly walking out of the room with B, walking around the office, and hugging B.
The sentencing date is scheduled for the 21st of next month at 10 a.m.

-˗ˋˏ Wow ˎˊ˗ ….
-Wow… That’s intense.
-What does that mean, she asked the CEO to break up with his girlfriend? Why?
 ㄴMaybe the CEO had a girlfriend, but was involved with A or cheating, so A asked him to break up with his girlfriend… When he didn’t break up, A accused him of sexual assault unintentionally.
-Why live like that…
-Wow… That was Somyi…?
-What a mess…
-Is it really this person? I hoped things would work out for them somehow, but to be charged with an unintended crime… really…?
-Wow, so she was the one charged with an unintended crime….
-Her crimes are so terrible, but the related articles make it seem like the girl’s perspective was… strange. She almost got sexually assaulted, but then she accused the CEO as the perpetrator, yet doesn’t want him to be punished? So, what’s going on? Even if the agency CEO is a jerk, to frame him as a sexual assailant is not right…
-Because of people like her, genuine victims of sexual violence are ridiculed and insulted. 

-Oh my god
-The captured image from her broadcast looks like an adult content, right?
-Ah, but reading again, it’s a conviction, not a sentence yet. So, even if guilty, she might get a suspended sentence. Well, the judge could also declare her innocent, or there might be things we don’t know yet.
-Was she the BJ in the article…? Ugh, I can’t stand this anymore.
-Doing the most to earn money easily while wearing those clothes and turning on the cam, it’s just… what’s going on with society?
-According to the article, there’s other evidence too, like the agency CEO having an affair with the former idol… “The prosecution, which integrated evidence such as CCTV footage and mobile messenger conversations, concluded that there was no attempted rape and shifted the investigation to A’s unintentional crime charges. Ultimately, the prosecution considered that there was no forcible sexual assault attempt by the agency CEO and charged A with unintentional crime, believing that A had an intention. As evidence, A submitted CCTV footage showing her calmly walking out of the office and walking around inside, as well as hugging the CEO affectionately. The prosecution believes that A harbored resentment after demanding that the CEO break up with his girlfriend and being rejected.” Source –>
-The article isn’t provocative, it’s her clothes that are provocative…
-Seriously, can’t we just earn money and live properly like everyone else?