Should Hwasa consider all critical opinions on her indecent stage malicious comments and ignore them?

The controversy over Hwasa’s indecent performance is still a hot topic

Seoul Seongdong Police Station recently summoned Hwasa, who was sued for performing indecent stages, and questioned for three hours. Prior to the summon, the police interviewed the accuser and received video footage and related evidence from sources like tvN to determine whether to send the case to the prosecution.

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In this regard, Hwasa’s agency P Nation said, “Hwasa has faithfully engaged in the police investigation.”

Earlier in May, Hwasa performed at Sungkyunkwan University Festival as part of the filming for tvN’s program “Dancing Queens on the Road” and sparked controversy over her provocative gesture during the performance.

The controversy intensified when the Parents’ Association for the Protection of Students’ Human Rights filed a complaint against Hwasa, stating that her obscene performance might have a bad influence on the general public and young generations.

Amid the debate over whether Hwasa’s performance was indecent or the complaint was excessive, attention is also focused on Hwasa’s attitude and mindset after she became aware of the scandal. The fact that Hwasa’s stage was eventually edited out in “Dancing Queens on the Road” proved that the controversy was serious.

Hwasa performs on "Knowing Bros" wearing school uniform reformed like bikini

However, Hwasa continued to do things her own way despite the noisy situation. Appearing on various broadcasts, she revealed the hardships she faced due to harsh criticism and hate comments as well as the signing of her exclusive contract with Psy’s agency P Nation and comeback amid controversies.

Seeing Hwasa’s ignorance of negative feedback on her controversial actions, the public continues to criticize the female singer, saying she should seriously look back on what she did and question whether they crossed the line as a public figure.

Excessive malicious commenters should be punished, but not all critical opinions should be considered hateful comments.

Source: Daum