‘Single in Seoul’ Star Im Soo Jung Says She is in Her ‘Satisfying Single Life’ Stage – Here’s Why

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Im Soo Jung talks about her relationship status and how she enjoys her singlehood.

In an interview with a local media outlet, the “Single in Seoul” star gets honest as she dishes on her new movie and updates about her personal life.

Im Soo Jung Says Her and Lee Dong Wook’s Love Cells Are Dead-Here’s Why

As reported by Newsen, Im Soo Jung described her upcoming movie “Single in Seoul” as a film that would make a person’s love cells “come back to life.”

'Single In Seoul' Poster

(Photo : Lotte Entertainment Instagram)
Lee Dong Wook, Im Soo Jung

According to the actress, she and co-star Lee Dong Wook took a love cell diagnostic test and revealed what they got.

“The results showed that both Lee Dong Wook and my love cells were dead,” she said.

In the upcoming movie, Im Soo Jung takes on the role of Joo Hyun Jin, an editor at a publishing company who crosses paths with Park Young Ho, a power influencer who likes being alone, played by Lee Dong Wook.

The duo get intertwined after collaborating on a book about single life.

Slated to hit the screen on November 29, “Single in Seoul” is a realistic and relatable romance movie that would surely pique the interest of viewers.

Im Soo Jung Relationship: ‘Single in Seoul’ Star Talks About Her Singlehood

In the same interview, Im Soo Jung shared her observations about modern dating.

Im Soo Jung

(Photo : Im Soo Jung Official Instagram)

“Nowadays, there are many single-person households, and there are many people who are single in some form, and I strongly agree with that,” she said, expressing that it’s okay to embrace being independent and not having a romantic partner by your side.

She also spoke about her status as a single person and said that it has some benefits.

Describing herself as a homebody, she finds comfort in eating alone at a cafe; however, she has never tried drinking alone.

Im Soo Jung also adds that one of the satisfying moments of being single is “freedom.”

“Women of similar age to me have families to take responsibility for, but I am free in that regard because I only have to think about my life,” she said.

She also added that some of her friends get “jealous” of her because of the amount of time she has for herself.

Wrapping up the interview, Im Soo Jung said that she has ways to have fun alone, adding, “I’m satisfied with my single life,” and that’s all that matters.

Im Soo Jung Returns to Small Screen with ‘Love Me’

After her K-drama “Melancholia” in 2021, Im Soo Jung headlines the upcoming romance series “Love Me.”

It is a Korean adaptation of the Swedish TV series of the same name that depicts the story of a woman who seemed to have gotten everything she wanted.

From beauty to career to health, you name it. However, she finds herself caught up in a conflict with a selfish family.

Joining Im Soo Jung as the lead star is Yoo Jae Myung of “Song of the Bandits” and “Itaewon Class.”