‘Single’s Inferno 3’ Host Dex SLAMS Kim Gyu Ri, Ignites Uproar Among K-Netz — ‘Was he TOO HARSH?

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 In the recently concluded season of “Single’s Inferno 3,” viewers were treated to a fresh dynamic with the introduction of a new host, Dex, also known as Kim Jin Young.

His presence alongside the familiar faces added an extra layer of intrigue, especially considering his popularity as a contestant in the previous series.

Dex’s Controversial Remarks on Contestant Kim Gyu Ri Ignite Discussions

A significant point of contention arose from Dex’s commentary on contestant Kim Gyu Ri.

Single's Inferno 3

(Photo : Netflix )

The debate centers around Gyu Ri’s behavior, particularly in her interactions with fellow contestant Min Woo, who openly expressed serious feelings towards Si Eun.

Mixed Reactions to Dex’s Critique and Panelists’ Honesty

Dex did not mince words, expressing negative feelings about Gyu Ri’s attitude and even suggesting that it revealed her true nature.

Single's Inferno 3

(Photo : Netflix )

This sparked a backlash from some netizens, questioning Dex’s credibility and accusing him of hypocrisy.

Single's Inferno 3 Kim Gyu-ri

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KNetz Reactions

A man being a man what can I say. Gyuri was rude but still girly was right. And of course he couldn’t call out gwanhee on his shit like he called out gyuri just for being “rude” idk how guys liked him, he didn’t deserve this popularity at all

Some tied the criticism back to Dex’s past experience with Lee Nadine, raising concerns about consistency in his judgments.

Post-Season Debates: ‘Single’s Inferno 3’ Controversies Resonate, Dividing Opinions on Hosts and Contestants

While opinions on Dex’s critique varied, some defended him, praising his honesty and analysis of Gyu Ri’s actions.

KNetz Reactions

The panelists, known for sharing their unfiltered opinions throughout the show, added a unique narrative to the season. However, with polarizing contestants, it’s evident that not everyone aligns with every comment made during the episodes.

As discussions continue to unfold post-season, the controversies surrounding hosts and contestants reveal the enduring impact of “Single’s Inferno 3” on its audience, keeping the buzz alive well beyond the finale.