‘Single’s Inferno 3’: K-Netz Speculate Ongoing Fued Between Yoo Si Eun, Park Gyu Ri – Here’s Why?

As “Single’s Inferno” Season 3 wrapped up, the cast members continue to share a plethora of never-before-seen photos from their stay on the island. However, eagle-eyed viewers noticed that Yoo Si Eun’s Instagram didn’t feature one female participant.

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What could be the reason?

Yoo Si Eun’s Instagram Doesn’t Feature One ‘Single’s Inferno 3’ Cast

From Lee Gwan Hee and Choi Hye Seon to An Min Young and more, the “Single’s Inferno 3” cast updated their respective Instagram followers with a behind-the-scenes look at the show.

As for the BLACKPINK Jennie look-alike Yoo Si Eun, she took the opportunity to thank everyone for supporting the show.

Yu Si Eun Single's Inferno 3
(Photo : Yu Si Eun Instagram)

Along with a series of photos, she wrote:

“Our story was like a midsummer night’s dream. Thank you all for watching and showing so much love, and I love you all.”

As seen on Yoo Si Eun’s Instagram, she shared snaps with Choi Hye Seon, Lee Gwan Hee, Choi Min Ji, Choi Min Woo, Park Min Kyu, Son Won Ik, and a few group photos with fellow participants.

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However, eagle-eyed netizens noticed that she didn’t have a photo with Park Gyu Ri.

Other than receiving support and positive reactions from her followers, some asked if there’s an ongoing riff with the duo. With this, others speculate that the bad blood continues after the incident on the island involving Choi Min Woo.

Single's Inferno 3
(Photo : Yoo Si Eun Instagram)

In one scene in “Single’s Inferno” Season 3, Yoo Si Eun was debating whether she should talk to Min Woo or not.

Lee Jin Seok and An Min Young, who were in the same room, encouraged her to go and talk to Min Woo so she wouldn’t have regrets afterwards.

Single's Inferno 3
(Photo : Netflix)
Single's Inferno 3
(Photo : Netflix)

Taking their advice, she waited outside the room where Gyu Ri and Min Woo were. However, Yoo Si Eun politely asked if she could talk to him, but Gyu Ri replied no and denied her request.

The incident shocked not only Si Eun but also the hosts.

Who Did Yoo Se Eun End Up With in ‘Single’s Inferno’ Season 3?

In the episode finale, Son Won Ik chose Yoo Si Eun, but it was Choi Min Woo who she walked away with on the island, making them the first pair to leave together.

Single's Inferno 3
(Photo : Yoo Si Eun Instagram)

“Thank you for everything in Paradise-I mean, in Inferno,” he told Si Eun.

In addition, as they walked away from the inferno, he told her that Yoo Si Eun looked like a princess, to which she replied that he must be her prince.

After the show ended, it’s still unknown whether they are still dating, but one thing is clear: the two remain close and even follow each other on Instagram.