‘Single’s Inferno’ Season 3 Cast An Min Young Accused of Editing Her Instagram Photos

“Single’s Inferno” Season 3 cast An Min Young became a hot topic after netizens noticed something different about her Instagram photos.

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One of the participants who joined the reality-dating show, the 26-year-old beauty captivated the hearts of viewers, especially Lee Jin Seok, with her charming aura.

However, despite her amazing smile and dazzling eyes, An Min Young is receiving hate online.

An Min Young Receives Hate for THIS Reason

Min Young’s Instagram sparked controversy after eagle-eyed netizens pointed out the huge difference between her photos and what viewers saw on-screen.

An Min Young Single's Inferno 3
(Photo : An Min Young Instagram)

The reality star was criticized for allegedly over-editing her photos, while some advised her to embrace her natural looks and go easy on filters.

As for others, they mentioned that An Min Young looked more beautiful in “Single’s Inferno” Season 3 than in photos.

Single's Inferno 3
(Photo : An Min Young Instagram)
Single's Inferno 3
(Photo : An Min Young Instagram)

While netizens bashed her for allegedly going overboard with filters and edits, fans defended the reality star and pointed out how the negativity might be targeting her insecurities.

Despite this, An Min Young remains one of the most well-loved members of the “Single’s Inferno” Season 3 cast, especially when viewers witnessed her blossoming relationship with Lee Jin Seok.

Are An Min Young & Lee Jin Seok Still Together?

Sparks immediately flew when An Min Young and Lee Jin Seok met on the show’s second episode.

Lee Jin Seok and An Min Young
(Photo : An Min Young Instagram)

Although their team-up faced setbacks, when temptation got in the way after the arrival of Choi Min Ji, the duo’s connection remained strong and they ended up leaving the island together.

After “Single’s Inferno 3” wrapped up, fans are curious if An Min Young and Lee Jin Seok are still together.

While it’s unclear whether the duo are still together, it is safe to say that they have maintained their communication since they do follow each other on Instagram.

In addition, An Min Young and Lee Jin Seok have shared photos of each other with other participants.

Interestingly, Lee Jin Seok also made a cameo on An Min Young’s Instagram Story after she posted a photo of him lying down in a café, along with the caption, “Why do you sleep on the floor?”

He responded on his Instagram and said, “You told me to lie down.”

Min Young revealed on the show that she is a pilates instructor and also owns her own studio. She also joined a beauty pageant and was crowned Miss Korea Busan 2023. Min Young also dabbles in working as a model.

As for Lee Jin Seok, he shared on “Single’s Inferno” Season 3 that he owns and manages café bakeries. For the past four years, the 31-year-old entrepreneur has overseen his three cafes located in Daegu.