SISTAR19 Hyolyn Faces Backlash for Saying the ‘N-Word’ on Instagram Post: ‘She’s embarrassing’

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Hyolyn’s now-deleted post on Instagram has met backlash from the K-pop community due to the soloist rapping the “N-word.”

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SISTAR19 Hyolyn Under Fire for Rapping the ‘N-Word’ in Now-Deleted Instagram Post

On February 15, fans expressed their disappointment towards K-pop diva and SISTAR19 member Hyolyn for rapping the “N-word.”

(Photo : SISTAR Hyolyn Instagram)

Before the incident, Hyolyn had posted several photos of her hanging out with GANi, her style director and close friend. The artist also uploaded Instagram Stories, showing the two enjoying their time on a boat.

SISTAR19 Hyolyn Faces Backlash for Saying the 'N-Word' on Instagram Post: 'She's embarrassing'
(Photo : Instagram: @xhyolynx)
SISTAR19 Hyolyn Faces Backlash for Saying the 'N-Word' on Instagram Post: 'She's embarrassing'
(Photo : Instagram: @xhyolynx)

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However, one slide featured Hyolyn vibing with Doja Cat’s 2019 hit song “Say So.” As most fans know, “Say So” includes the N-word in its lyrics. The post Hyolyn uploaded featured a portion containing the N-word, which Hyolyn rapped or mouthed loudly.

Although the original Instagram Story has been taken down by Hyolyn, various clips still scattered on platform X (Twitter), causing the “Ma Boy” hitmaker to receive backlash. Following the criticism, netizens also noticed that Hyolyn had turned off the comments section in her newest post. 

Read their reactions below:

The N-word’s roots date back to the 16th to 19th centuries when it was used as a racial slur to degrade African Americans. The word still managed to persist in the present day, even in pop culture, since it’s casually used by African Americans only.

However, the N-word being uttered by other races is considered derogatory due to the word’s offensive history. In the K-pop industry, numerous idols have come across scandals that involve the N-word, which also led fans to call out their behavior and educate them.

SISTAR19 Shares Thoughts Regarding Full-Group Comeback

In other news, duo Bora and Hyolyn revealed the reason why a group comeback from SISTAR couldn’t happen. The idols dropped their highly anticipated comeback album “NO MORE (MA BOY)” on January 16, and fans were enticed.

To celebrate their reunion, Bora and Hyolyn engaged in an interview with the press in Seoul. The two shared how their company’s plans, timing, and the duo’s thoughts needed to align in order to have a full group return.

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