Situations of Actors in the Drama Field


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Kim Ji-seok also appeared on JTBC’s ‘Actor’s Associations’, revealing his anxiousness about not receiving any work offers and his disappointment at not being chosen.

As he welcomed the new year, Kim Ji-seok confessed, “I’ve never experienced this before, but I felt anxious about not having any projects this year.” He said, “Other actors did 6 to 7 projects last year,” while he only worked on one.

Continuing, during a phone call with his manager, Kim Ji-seok emphasized his openness, saying, “I don’t care if it’s a lead role, supporting role, or minor role. I just want to do good projects. I want to be a versatile actor.”

Upon hearing his manager’s words that he has already done all of his projects in the first half of the year r and that he was among the candidates for commercials, Kim Ji-seok expressed despair, saying, “I’ve already done all?” and “What’s the point of being on the list? It’s not about being number one; it’s about not being chosen.” He candidly shared his feelings of disappointment.

Kim Ji-seok is a relatively well-known actor, yet he still has concerns like “I’ve never experienced this before, but what if I don’t have any projects this year”.

Many actors seem to be saying similar things this year, especially regarding their eagerness to work but aren’t receiving any offers.

Oh Yoon-ah has also revealed her current situation of having no projects. She said, “These days, there really are no projects. Dramas have been reduced by half, and even the ones already filmed can’t find a broadcasting slot. In the past, I could just pick and choose (projects).” She expressed gratitude for meeting the public through entertainment programs, YouTube, and other activities instead of the decreasing dramas.

++++ Not focusing on celebrity concerns

Talking about industry situation, scheduling issues

-I feel the opposite, though. With the increasing number of OTT dramas, I feel like even rookie actors and actresses easily get to play the lead roles. These days, I see a lot of lead roles whose faces I don’t recognize.

-Rather than that, it seems like actors who weren’t chosen simply underwent a generational shift. Even though the number of drama productions has decreased, there are still more dramas compared to when OTT platforms were not as popular as now, and there should be roles for supporting actors there. 

-The most useless worry: worrying about celebrities.

-In the past, it felt like each broadcasting station aired dramas every day from 9-10 pm, but nowadays, there are cases where dramas air in that time slot without competition.

-The production costs for dramas are high and at the same time TV viewer ratings are decreasing. Consequently, advertisers who want to advertise are decreasing as well. Naturally, broadcasting companies are earning money by jointly broadcasting on OTT platforms.

-But honestly, when it comes to money, they’ll probably figure it out themselves, so I don’t really think about itㅋㅋㅋㅋ If they really just want to act, why not try something like theater? Or try a different medium?

-Honestly, most actors have earned enough to make a living, the real problem is with the staff, they probably have no work.

-Only the actors who are filming are filming… Just looking at someone like Ju Ji-hoon or Han So-hee, they’re building up their works… The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, it’s frustratingㅠㅠ I hope my favorite ones get their next project soon…

-Actors, directors, staff members who make sets, sound teams, and even catering companies are all struggling. It must be worrying for everyone.

-That’s right, and nowadays, when you watch dramas, if one lead role seems to have spent a lot on casting fees, the rest of the lead roles and other roles seem to be played by newcomers. So, they don’t seem to use many expensive actors in one production unless it’s a major production.

-Reality is harsh, there’s no time to watch dramas, people are busy after work…

-If the industry is struggling so much, why don’t the actors voluntarily cut their appearance fees to reduce drama production costs? But I know they will never do that even if they die, that’s showbiz.

-It’s difficult to enter the film industry, and even harder to succeed. The decrease in the number of drama productions itself makes it even harder. Since TV schedules fill up quickly and there’s less space, it’s inevitable, and OTT platforms have also played a role.