‘SKY Castle’ Japanese Adaptation Gears Up With Star-Studded Cast, Announces Premiere Date

“SKY Castle” joins a number of K-dramas with remakes. Due to the massive success of the Makjang series, the 2018 K-drama will have its own Japanese adaptation. 

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One of the iconic Korean TV series, the JTBC series, had a collaboration with Japan’s broadcast network TV Asahi to remake the thriller revenge drama. 

Per report, the promising series is now in the works and has scheduled its target release date. 

In addition to this, the Japanese adaptation of “SKY Castle” boasts a roster of talented stars. 

‘SKY Castle’ Japanese Adaptation Cast and Release Date

Directed by Naomi Tamura of “Roppongi Class” or “Itaewon Class” in Korea, along with fellow directors Yuji Nakamae, and Kazunari Hoshino, the remake is penned by Hiroshi Hashimoto of “A Family Goes Job Hunting.”

A mystery revenge series, “SKY Castle” depicts the story of families who want their children to enter South Korea’s most prestigious school. 

SKY Castle
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(Photo : JTBC Official Instagram)

In addition to this, the matriarchs seek power and wealth to uphold their status. 

Interestingly, their common denominator is that all of them live in a luxury private neighborhood called SKY Castle. 

The original series featured Korea’s top notch actresses, Yeom Jung Ah, Lee Tae Ran, Yoon Se Ah, Oh Na Ra, and Kim Seo Hyung. 

As for the Japanese adaptation, the upcoming remake will also showcase renowned actresses, including Nao Matsushita (Code Japan: The Price of Wishes),  Fumino Kimura (City Hunter),  Manami Higa (Ao Haru Ride),  Maryjun Takahashi (A Town Without Seasons),  and Koyuki, who is set to portray the character of Ayaka Kujo, a private instructor who charges an expensive rate to tutor elite children. 

SKY Castle
(Photo : AsianWiki)

In addition to this, the Japanese remake will also highlight the education system and the intervention of parents. 

As mentioned, “SKY Castle” is currently filming the series and is set to air its pilot episode in July 2024, taking over the Thursday time slot at 9 p.m. via TV Asahi. 

To recall, “SKY Castle” is among the highest rated K-dramas in the history of JTBC. 

Starting with 1.727% viewership on its pilot episode, the revenge drama reached its first double digit rating on the 10th episode with an 11.298% rating. 

Interestingly, the “SKY Castle” finale garnered a whopping 23.779% nationwide rating and 24.357% in the metropolitan area. 

Besides the record breaking ratings, the series also bagged various awards. This includes Best Actress (Yum Jung Ah), Best Director (Jo Hyun Tak), Best Supporting Actor (Kim Byung Chul), and Best New Actress (Kim Hye Yoon) at the 55th BaekSang Arts Awards.