‘Slip Skirts’ Dominate F/W Season

Slip skirts is making a comeback in the fashion world in 2023

If you want to showcase trendy styling for this upcoming F/W season, it’s a good idea to prepare at least one “slip skirt” in advance. The trend of slip skirts, which received love from fashion enthusiasts in the 1990s, is making a comeback in the fashion world in 2023.

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Derived from the English word “slip,” meaning “to slide,” a slip skirt refers to a skirt with a smooth design that flows along the body’s silhouette. Similar to slip dresses, which are primarily made of silky or satin materials, slip skirts typically utilize similar textured fabrics. However, recently, slip skirts made from more daring sheer materials, elasticized cotton, velvet, and various other fabrics have gained popularity.

jennie blackpink

The mood when wearing a slip skirt is one of restrained sensuality. These skirts, which emphasize the body’s lines, maximize a feminine mood, and their understated details add elegance.

Celebrities have also joined the trend of slip skirts, which are once again dominating the fashion industry. Recently, BLACKPINK’s Lisa garnered significant attention for her satin slip skirt with a unique combination of kitschy graphics and tie-dye styles, creating a feminine yet unique look. Additionally, Lisa wore her slip skirt in a low-rise form, enhancing the trendy atmosphere.

(G)I-DLE’s Miyeon wore a long slip skirt made of dark navy satin fabric. Miyeon minimized details except for the fabric and focused on a minimalistic mood. She paired the skirt with a sleeveless crop top and sneakers, showcasing a hip styling.

Jennie, who went beyond the typical slip dress form, added a long slit to emphasize sensuality, attracting attention with her red-carpet look. Jennie wore a long slip skirt made of velvet fabric with a slit detail in a low-rise form. She completed her metropolitan mood with a cropped tweed vest.

lisa blackpink

Kim Nayoung and Hwasa each wore slip skirts made of satin and thin, flowing cotton-like materials, respectively. Both of them wore matching tops in the same fabric and color as the slip skirt, showcasing a coordinated styling.

If you find elegant materials like silk or satin too formal, you can follow Jennie’s example and choose a sportier slip skirt. Jennie wore a mini slip skirt made of tight-fitting cotton material with a cute ribbon print on a white half-sleeve t-shirt, creating a minimalistic look with a youthful vibe.