SM Confirms EXO Album Was Always Planned; No Changes Discussed

On the 11th, SM told SPOTV News, “It is true that the release of EXO’s album was planned, and there have been no further discussions about changing this plan.”

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On the same day, CBX’s agency, INB100, stated, “The press conference held on the 10th was to inform that it is unfair for SM, who first violated the contract, to demand 10% of the revenue from the artists’ individual activities. It is not related to the continuation of EXO’s full-group activities, and CBX once again promises to diligently participate in EXO’s full-group activities with SM.”


On the 10th, INB100 held an emergency press conference at the Shilla Hotel in Jung-gu, Seoul, claiming to expose SM’s deceptive agreement and alleging that SM had broken its promises.

INB100 stated, “SM did not fulfill the agreement to guarantee a 5.5% distribution fee rate for albums and digital music, and is unjustly demanding 10% of the revenue from the artists’ individual activities, such as album releases or concerts, to be paid to SM.”

After the press conference, SM responded, “The essence of all incidents is the unfair tampering by Chairman Cha Gawon of MC Mong. We can no longer tolerate CBX’s repeated claims of invalidity regarding the re-contract and agreement signed after 18 months of negotiation. We will calmly respond according to the law and principles, and hold CBX accountable through the court.”