SM Entertainment Denies NCT Johnny, Haechan Involvement in Prostitution & Drugs

SM Entertainment refuted allegations surrounding the private lives of NCT 127 members Johnny and Haechan.

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On June 3, rumors spread through online communities and social media platforms that NCT Johnny and Haechan visited a Japanese entertainment establishment.

Here, they were accused of meeting and engaging with prostitutes. Just then, alleged photos and screenshots of the prostitutes’ conversation with member Johnny circulated, which was initially posted on the OP’s private SNS account.

SM Entertainment Denies NCT Johnny, Haechan Involvement in Prostitution & Drugs
(Photo : Johnny, Haechan (News1))

NCT Johnny, Haechan Accused of Having Casual Relations With Fans + NCTzens Call Out SM
(Photo : pann.nate)

In the conversation, the woman hostess asked Johnny when they meet again and the supposedly male idol replied that they would go back to Japan on March 8, to which netizens added that the two went back to the country around the same time for an official schedule.

The speculation escalated that they also used drugs and that Super Junior Heechul was the one who invited them to the place, as seen in one of the photos the OP provided.

SM Entertainment Denies NCT Johnny, Haechan Involvement in Prostitution & Drugs
(Photo : Heechul (News1))

As a result, Heechul spoke to defend himself on the same day and clarified through the fan communicating platform Bubble, saying:

“I’ve been keeping an eye on it. I’m just talking to the company because I’m afraid I will cause trouble on Instagram again.

I’m just going to give a brief statement in case you guys are worried or disappointed. I have never had a meal or drank outside separately with my company’s juniors, nor have I ever met them. I don’t even have their contact information.”

NCT Haechan & Johnny
NCT Haechan & Johnny
(Photo : Instagram)

With the rising concerns from NCTzens as well, SM Entertainment, the artists’ label, finally released an official statement on the 5th through KWANGYA 119.

The company said:

“Hello. This is SM Entertainment.

Currently, rumors with unspeakable provocative content about Johnny and Haechan including prostitution and drugs are being indiscriminately spread and reproduced online.

After checking, the rumors turn out to be completely false. This is a criminal act that seriously damages the reputation of artists.

The creation of groundless rumors and malicious slander continues toward NCT and other artists under our label, including Kim Heechul.”

SM Entertainment Denies NCT Johnny, Haechan Involvement in Prostitution & Drugs
(Photo : Haechan, Johnny (News1))

SM Entertainment also revealed that they are planning to file for lawsuit against those who spread the rumors, regardless of nationality.

“We have already collected sufficient data on a large number of posts related to the content in question. We will not sit idly by on these criminal acts and will ensure that the relevant perpetrators are punished legally without leniency or agreement, regardless of nationality.

 Please be aware that even at this moment, any act of posting malicious posts may be subject to legal punishment. Thank you.”

Based on the initial rumor, the alleged visit happened in Tokyo, Japan and the nationality of the account owner is Japanese.

When Kim Heechul and SM Entertainment came forward, the original poster who spread the suspicions first has now deleted their account.