SM Entertainment Faces Backlash for ‘Greedy’ Lightstick Design —’It’s Ugly’

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Pictures of NCT’s latest lightstick design surfaced online, showcasing a sleek boxy shape with each sub-unit’s logo embossed on one side of the panels. This official announcement on April 22 marked a significant change in the group’s merchandise lineup.

Unlike the previous designs, which differentiated between NCT 127, NCT DREAM, and WayV with distinct shapes and logos, the new lightstick presents a more unified appearance.

However, fans were dismayed to discover that the panels were not interchangeable, requiring separate purchases for each sub-unit’s version.


Fan Backlash: Criticisms of SM Entertainment’s Design Decision

The lack of interchangeability sparked a wave of criticism among fans, with many denouncing SM Entertainment’s decision as “greedy.”

(Photo : Twitter)

(Photo : TWITTER)

Fans argued that a more versatile design, such as one base with interchangeable logos, would have been more consumer-friendly and cost-effective.

In response to the controversy, one fan suggested a compromise where one side of the panel features a collective emblem for all sub-units, while the other side remains customizable with individual logos. This would have allowed multi-unit fans to support their favorites without purchasing multiple lightsticks.

Environmental Concerns: Fans Highlight Waste of Money and Plastic

Aside from the financial burden on fans, concerns about environmental sustainability arose. With four versions of the lightstick available, fans expressed worry over the unnecessary consumption of plastic and the negative impact on the environment.

RecentlyAlleged photos of NCT’s new lightstick have caused a stir among netizens, sparking a heated debate. The new design is said to be customizable for each subunit, but reactions have been mixed.

While some find it cute, others prefer the old design and have criticized the new one as “ugly.” Member YangYang seemingly confirmed the new lightstick, adding fuel to the discussion.

Despite not being officially confirmed by SM Entertainment, the leaked designs have generated significant online buzz, highlighting the importance of lightsticks to fans and the challenge of accepting changes to an iconic design.