SM Entertainment’s Pricy RIIZE Necklace Sparks Online Debate — ‘Wow, the price of the necklace is..’

The realm of K-Pop merchandise often witnesses a spectrum of price tags, leaving fans with varying opinions on what constitutes a reasonable purchase.

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In the latest controversy, SM Entertainment’s recent offering of a RIIZE necklace has ignited a storm of criticism from netizens regarding its hefty 80,000 won (approximately $60 USD) price tag.

The RIIZE Necklace: A Questionable Investment?

The focal point of discontent is a seemingly simplistic necklace featuring the RIIZE cueball logo as its charm, suspended delicately from a thin silver chain.


(Photo : Panchoa)

However, the true quality of this piece of jewelry remains shrouded in uncertainty, leaving potential buyers questioning the justification behind its elevated price.

The substantial cost appears to be linked to the inclusion of a Wonbin photocard with each necklace purchase. Despite attempts to deter reproduction by offering a slightly blurry preview in the listing, the Wonbin photocard seems to be the driving force behind the merchandise’s premium valuation.


(Photo : Twitter)

Rising Criticism in the K-Pop Community

The discussion surrounding the exorbitant prices of K-Pop idol photocards has gained traction lately, with albums featuring an extensive array of photocards designed to incentivize fans to buy multiple copies.


(Photo : instagram)

In this case, while the RIIZE necklace includes only the coveted Wonbin photocard, the high demand for this particular idol may still attract a considerable number of buyers, despite the steep cost.

Online Forum Erupts with Discontent

The controversial listing found its way to an online forum, becoming a hot topic among K-Pop enthusiasts who shared their collective displeasure and irritation over SM Entertainment’s pricing strategy.

Here’s a sneak peek into the perspectives shared by netizens on the online platform Instiz:

“Meow Nyang Punch held Pinnie hostage and these were”
“The price line was crossed…”
“No, other goods are expensive, but why is the price of the necklace alone…”
“Wow, what is the price”
“Oh my ㅠㅠ Bin-ah, my sister is going to meet you”
“The Pokarang necklace is really pretty, but the price is really too much… It’s too much for you. “
“Wonbin is handsome. But where is his price conscience?”
“When I first saw the necklace the kids wore, I thought it was pretty, but when I saw the price, I was hesitant… Haha”

As debates over the affordability of K-Pop merchandise continue, the question looms: Will the prices of K-Pop goods and idol-related items continue to rise indefinitely, or is there an impending limit to how much fans are willing to spend? Only time will reveal whether the industry will witness a shift in consumer behavior or a sustained trajectory of escalating costs.