SM reps announce large scale legal action against BoA’s hate comments

Article: BoA reps, “She is under huge psychological pain from the hate comments… large scale lawsuits to be filed domestically and abroad”

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Source: OSEN via Nate

[+302, -6] But honestly, it’s probably best that she stays out of acting

[+135, -11] She never cared when she was making all that money under everyone’s praise calling her pretty~~ but now that she’s not hearing what she wants… Anyway, I do agree that legal action should be taken on those that cross the line.

[+132, -266] ㅋㅋ I’ve been waiting for BoA to take legal action ㅋㅋ sue all of the crazies who waste their lives on hating on celebrites. They’re all on Nate Pann so get them all ㅋㅋ

[+65, -99] Yeah, it’s easy to see what a difficult time she’s having right now… people need to back off;;;

[+52, -0] I don’t know what constitutes a ‘hate comment’ in their eyes but I think BoA is struggling to see herself in an objective way. She should just learn to admit what’s true but she insists on denying everything and getting mad at people for saying those things… feels like her character stopped developing in her teens!

[+34, -1] Obviously the personal attacks on her are out of line but I don’t think the comments saying her face looks weird because of the work she got done on it is considered a hate comment

[+26, -0] I don’t know what hate comments she read that she’s so hurt over but from the comments I’ve seen, most of them have been a reflection of her current reality. Her lack of acting skills, her outdated music and performance style… why would any of that be considered hate? Those are the comments I’ve seen, I don’t know what she’s been reading… What does she want? Nothing but praise for her?

[+26, -0] Surely she’s not suing over comments like “her acting is bad,” “her acting is ruining my focus,” right?

[+25, -1] I do think that the hate comments on BoA have gotten out of hand recently but I also do think that BoA acted in a way that was feeding the hate as well

[+17, -0] Perhaps she should consider living life outside of the celebrity spotlight. Did she really think saying “I’m BoA” wouldn’t incite more hate comments?

[+15, -2] Puhaha

[+12, -0] Is saying her acting is bad now a hate comment?

[+11, -1] Sue all you want. It’s only going to tank your image more. The only comments I’ve seen were nothing but the truth about you. Your lack of acting talent, your unnatural face…

[+11, -0] I don’t know. I always assumed she was easygoing by the way she acted on TV but I guess she’s more sensitive than I thought. I hope she understands the difference between criticism and hate when she files those lawsuits.