SNSD Hyoyeon Greets Jessica Jung While Talking About Group’s Comeback — What Happened?

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SM ban finally lifted? In a recent live broadcast, SNSD Hyoyeon truly caused the internet to turn upside down after mentioning her former co-member, Jessica Jung!

On June 7, Hyoyeon turned on her Instagram live broadcast to communicate with K-pop fans, especially its fandom, SONEs.

In August, the eight-member group will hold their 17th debut anniversary, thus, a lot of questions were asked for spoilers about their plan for that significant milestone.

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Fans are sincerely hoping for a full comeback with a new album, as they have been on a hiatus for about 2 years since they released their last album, “FOREVER1” in 2022.

In response, the second-gen female idol said that just like fans, she is also hoping for their group’s comeback.

“I’m also waiting for an SNSD comeback.”

While this is enough to shed light on fans, what made them scream in delight, even more was when the idol mentioned Jessica Jung’s name clear and loud after 10 years since she left the group!

She shouted out to a fan using her name, saying:

“Jessica Jung, hello!”

In particular, although SNSD debuted as a nonet, once Jessica Jung departed from the group, the members were forced to act like she never existed in the first place.

Aside from blurring her out from the group’s past photos and videos, the members stopped mentioning her name and proceeded like they always have been eight members only.

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At the time, they can’t act rashly as Jessica was blacklisted by SM Entertainment from national broadcast and major channels, fans strongly believed that the members were just instructed to exclude her from their stories.

But now that Hyoyeon was able to mention her name with a big smile on her face, fans were curious if that “ban” was finally lifted.

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Meanwhile, Jessica Jung originally debuted as the main vocalist of Girls’ Generation in 2007. However, in 2014, she revealed that she was kicked out by SM Entertainment after SM made her choose between her idol career or business. it was also rumored that a vote among the members happened to let her stay or not.

At the time, she was accused of not being able to focus on practice and her career as an idol, due to the blooming business she launched around the same time, the fashion brand called, Blanc&Eclare.

However, SM Entertainment refuted this and claimed that Jessica decided to stop her SNSD activities so that she could focus on her striving fashion brand which has already expanded outside Korea.