SNSD Sooyoung Opens Up on Taking Over Father’s Foundation: ‘I’m planning to continue his triumph’

In a broadcast, SNSD Sooyoung mentioned her father and talked about being chosen to take over his foundation.

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Keep reading to know the idol’s response.

SNSD Sooyoung Shares Plans To Take Over Father’s Foundation as Chairman — Here’s Heartwarming Cause

On September 15, Sooyoung appeared on the latest episode of “Oneshot Hansol,” a YouTube channel and content created by the popular visually-impaired YouTuber Kim Hansol.

On this day then, Hansol expressed his amusement of meeting someone who actively participates in events for blind and visually-impaired people.


(Photo : Sooyoung (STARNEWS)

As a result, Sooyoung opened up about her father Choi Jeongnam having vision impairment and how it led him to launch the “Korean Foundation Fighting Blindness” in 2013 as its Chairman.

“My father has what’s called ‘Retinitis pigmentosa’ (retinal pigment denaturation). He was diagnosed in 2004 but back then, there was really no information about the disease. At that time, even if we went to the ophthalmologist or professors, there was not much information about it either.

 But my father being the T type (Thinker in MBTI), my father thought, “I should find them myself’ and became the chairman of the foundation.”

SNSD Sooyoung Opens Up on Taking Over Father's Foundation: 'I'm planning to continue his triumph'

(Photo : Sooyoung (OSEN))

Through this foundation-based corporation, Sooyoung explained that it focused on researching this disease and helping them to get treatment.

As the conversation went on, Sooyoung then opened up about her father preparing her to take charge of the foundation in the future.

“I live alone right now, but when I go home, my father would ask me, ‘Choi Sooyoung, can we talk in private for a minute?’ He sat down with me and said, ‘I think my eyesight is fading as the day goes by. So, I hope to educate you step by step and run the foundation in my place. Invite patients with rare eye disorders and diseases from all over Asia and help them get surgery.”

SNSD Sooyoung Opens Up on Taking Over Father's Foundation: 'I'm planning to continue his triumph'

(Photo : Sooyoung (OSEN))

Initially, Sooyoung conveyed her worries, adding:

“I replied, ‘Dad, I honestly think I might not be enough to take on a heavy responsibility. So please reconsider it.’ However, my father responded, ‘Don’t you think there is a reason why popularity and fame are given to you?'[…] But I was only kidding around with my father when I said that. I know that the foundation is my father’s lifelong mission so I’m planning to continue his triumph once he is no longer able to. “

Sooyoung’s Recent Activities Related to Korean Foundation Fighting Blindness

On August 18, Sooyoung donated 300 million won (about 226k USD) to fund the research aiming to develop domestic treatments, along with members of the Korean Foundation Fighting Blindness.

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(Photo : Sooyoung (Newsen))

This is not the first time that Sooyoung has donated, but she also previously created the first patient investment fund (Retina 1) in Korea to sponsor the development of treatments for hereditary retinal diseases.

During the broadcast with Hansol, she then clarified:

“Most people think I donated that large amount of money alone because of the article, but many patients did as well, gathered and delivered it to Soonchunhyang University to fund the development of genetic treatments .”

When the news of the donation was announced, Sooyoung also initially said on her Instagram:

“I want to thank my fans who are steadily supporting me as well as Yuri, Seohyun, and Tiffany for their interest in my donation activities.”