SNSD Taeyeon Exposes Dark Secrets Behind Music Show Absence — ‘Well, I Don’t Like The….’

In a recent appearance on Super Junior’s YouTube show “Hey, Come Here,” Taeyeon, leader of K-pop sensation Girls’ Generation, shed light on her notable absence from music shows during her last promotion cycle, particularly in light of her successful mini-album “To. X.”

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During the conversation with hosts EunHyuk and DongHae, Taeyeon conveyed her heartfelt appreciation for the continued support of her album by fans worldwide.

She remarked, “The album is doing much better than I expected. I feel grateful. Thank you, everyone.”

The Music Show Dilemma

However, despite the overwhelming love for her music, Taeyeon disclosed her aversion to the music show circuit. When questioned by EunHyuk about her absence from such platforms, she candidly shared her reservations:

SNSD Taeyeon
SNSD Taeyeon
(Photo : instagram)

“Well, I don’t like the music show system.”

Lack of Consideration in the System

Elaborating on her stance, Taeyeon criticized what she perceives as a lack of consideration within the music show system.

SNSD Taeyeon
SNSD Taeyeon
(Photo : Youtube)

She expressed discomfort with the early morning schedules and the overall strain it places on artists.

“It’s not that I don’t understand,” she clarified, “but it feels like there isn’t enough consideration put into the system.”

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Prioritizing Quality Performances

Taeyeon’s decision to forego music shows was ultimately rooted in her commitment to delivering top-tier performances to her fans.

She explained, “I just didn’t appear on any of the music shows because I knew that I wouldn’t be able to perform at my best, which means my fans won’t see my best performances.”

Instead, she sought alternative avenues to showcase her talents.

Empathy and Humor Amidst Differences

Throughout the discussion, EunHyuk empathized with Taeyeon’s perspective, acknowledging the logistical challenges and compromises inherent in the music show system.

SNSD Taeyeon
SNSD Taeyeon
(Photo : Youtube)

Despite their differences, the conversation remained light-hearted, with EunHyuk humorously noting,

“I think DongHae and I still like the music show system though,” eliciting laughter from the group.

Recently, Korean netizens are speculating that Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon has undergone cosmetic surgery due to her noticeably smaller face and altered appearance in her recent vlog.

Some fans express disappointment, likening her changed chin to a spinning top or an arrow, and even comparing her to other celebrities.

They believe she may be on a path of continual procedures to maintain her new look. Taeyeon’s recent activities include being featured on W Korea’s cover and releasing her fifth mini-album, “To. X,” in November 2023.

You can watch the full video below.