SNSD Taeyeon, Super Junior Eunhyuk Expose SM Gaslighting: ‘We Did Only What They Told Us To Do…’

2nd-gen K-pop icons Taeyeon, Donghae, and Eunhyuk recalled the time they were “gaslighted” by SM Entertainment. Here’s the full story.

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Taeyeon, Eunhyuk Complain About Being Gaslighted by SM Entertainment as Trainees

On March 28, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon appeared as the first guest on Super Junior D&E’s (Donghae and Eunhyuk) YouTube show, “DNE, comment ‘Hey, come here’.”

On this day, the former labelmates shared the harsh trainee days they experienced under SM Entertainment, including doing only what they were told to do.

Taeyeon, Eunhyuk Expose SM Gaslighting: 'We Did Only What They Told Us to Do...'
(Photo : Taeyeon, Eunhyuk (tv REPORT))

In the show, Taeyeon talked about how she joined SM Entertainment, confessing that she was actually a fan of BoA, one of the biggest factors she signed with the label.

Eunhyuk then asked if she joined the company while thinking that she would also debut as a soloist or under a team, but Taeyeon firmly replied:

“I had no plan at all. I think I was just gaslighted by SM a little bit (to join a team).”

Eunhyuk, who laughed at Taeyeon’s answer, recalled the past.

“You did what they (SM) told you.”

Taeyeon, Eunhyuk Expose SM Gaslighting: 'We Did Only What They Told Us to Do...'
(Photo : Donghae, Taeyeon (tv REPORT))

Taeyeon agreed:

“I only did what they told me to do.”

Hearing this, Donghae was nervous about the topic and remained silent when Taeyeon attested to him:

“I’m just talking comfortably. It’s not a bad thing. Things turned out well.”

Regarding the gaslighting topic, Eunhyuk continued:

“But we were all gaslighted. Because when we were trainees, we had no other choice but to be gaslighted.”

Taeyeon expressed frustration:

“You have to eat only things that you have to eat.”

SNSD Taeyeon
SNSD Taeyeon, Super Junior Donghae, Eunhyuk
(Photo : Youtube)

Eunhyuk added:

“If the training department asks you to do this, you did it. That’s how it was.”

The male idol, who showed a “positive” aspect of being gaslighted, defended the company, saying:

“That must have been a part of the training. We did whatever the company asked us to do. That’s how we did everything. The word, ‘gaslighting’ might sound a bit strong, but I think when a good company system can create good results, then it’s great.”

Taeyeon also expressed her affection for the agency and made a heart with her hands and showed it to the camera, whispering, “SM.”

Taeyeon, Eunhyuk Recent Activities

Meanwhile, Taeyeon started as an SM trainee back in 2004 when she won the grand prize in the Best Youth Contest hosted by SM. Three years later, she debuted as the leader of Girls’ Generation in 2007.

She then began her solo career in 2014. Aside from SNSD, she’s also a member of the sub-unit, TTS (Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun) and SM’s girl group project, GOT the beat.

Meanwhile, Eunhyuk began his SM trainee career in 2000 and debuted as a member of Super Junior in 2005 after about six years as a trainee. Ahead of his 20th anniversary, Eunhyuk left SM last year and set up a separate company, ODE Entertainment, with co-member Donghae.