Solo” HyunA and Solar: Music Praised, but Styling Criticized for Being “Too Excessive

This is true for singers like HyunA and Solar, who once performed group music that appealed to everyone but now prioritize “challenges”. Public reactions to their new approaches have been mixed.

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HyunA released her new EP “Attitude” on May 2nd. She was heavily involved in the album’s production, including writing lyrics, composing and planning the music video. As this was her first release after joining her new agency At Area, there were high expectations for a “change in image”.


When the title track “Q&A” was released, the public response was positive. Many praised the trendy touch of producer GroovyRoom in the song.

HyunA is known for her distinctive rapping and vocal style in songs like “Nabillera”, “I’m Not Cool” and “Ping Pong”, but this new song showcased her sweet falsetto. However, as she began her music show schedules, there was growing disappointment regarding her styling. Netizens argued that the excessive pink blush, wet hair and heavy furry shoes overshadowed her precise dance moves and singing.

Solar released her second mini-album “COLOURS” on April 30th. As the title suggests, it aimed to showcase her diversity as a solo artist.

The title track “But I” featured a rock genre, while the song “Colors” included voguing dance, which gained attention. “But I” became known among fans as a song to get over an ex and even topped music show charts.


However, “Colors” received mixed reviews. The song, a house genre track with an addictive beat, conveys a message of respect and love for people of all colors. Yet, Solar also faced criticism for her styling, which some felt made the voguing dance look more awkward than sophisticated.

Comments on her music show performances included “Need to tone down the styling“, “The backup dancers’ outfits are prettier“, “The song is good, but the outfit is disappointing” and “The makeup, outfit and hair are all excessive.

Popular culture critic Choi Young-gyun remarked, “Even as public singers, they don’t have to follow what the public wants unconditionally. However, they shouldn’t disregard public opinion either. HyunA and Solar’s fresh challenges shouldn’t be remembered only for their disappointing styling. Both the singers and their agencies need to think this through together.”