Soloist Im Jae Hyun’s new song takes out Taeyeon and Le Sserafim on Melon raising red flags

Article: Im Jae Hyun’s new song takes out Taeyeon and Le Sserafim for #1 on the charts amidst ‘sajaegi rumors’

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Source: Insight via Instagram

[+319] The reason so many think this is sajaegi is that sites like Melon are basically fandom wars between idol groups so it’s impossible for a no-name singer without a fandom of his own like him to get #1 at all. Maybe possible 20 years ago, but definitely not now.

[+178] He really thought he could get away with stealing #1 like that? 

[+162] It’s hard for singers without fandoms to even make it into the top 100 on Melon, let alone winning #1 at all… I don’t have to say more, do I? 

[+17] This singer has so many #1 hits and yet has never held a concert, I wonder why?

[+68] You barely make it into the charts these days even with 24/7 full-time streaming, how did he get in ㅎㅎㅎ

[+40] Who even is he

[+32] He has a good song, but it makes no sense for him to be above Taeyeon, Le Sserafim, and Aespa ????????

[+11] Who is he..? 

[+2] Well, unless there’s anything illegal that’s actually found and revealed, it’s wrong to hate on him

[+0] Thankful to my Apple Music

[+0] This is why I switched to Spotify. Don’t have to deal with Melon and all the sajaegi on there ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+0] People are just mad because he has tons of views on YouTube, karaoke chart rankings, and Reels, and he’s still beating out all their favorite idols