Somebody Music Video: EXO’s D.O. Finds Love in a Melody of Emotions!

Popular K-pop band member DO, also known as Doh Kyungsoo, just dropped Somebody music video, and the fans are ecstatic about it. The singer has made a comeback with his much anticipated second solo mini-album, Expectation (기대). He unveiled the album along with the music video on September 18, 6 PM KST.

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Produced by SM Entertainment, the music video features EXO Kyungsoo in the role of a crew member, shooting for a commercial video. Known for his exceptional acting skills, the singer does not shy away from portraying the role of a man hopelessly in love with the girl he just met. Moreover, he blows everyone away with her impressive vocal range.

The lyrics of the song express the singer’s feelings about love. He longs for a relationship with the woman and asks her to let go of all the doubts. With promises to stay with her forever, he asks her to lean on him and offers his hand to go through the ups and downs of life together. The music video remains simple and focuses on displaying emotions rather than exaggerated glitz and glamour.

Somebody Music Video: EXO's D.O. Finds Love in a Melody of Emotions!

The music video starts with the singer working on a film set where he meets a girl. The actress is asked to audition for an upcoming commercial, however, she unintentionally messes up the opportunity, and she is asked to leave. Saddened by the turn of events, she sits near the staircase and cries her eyes out. Kyungsoo appears at that moment and consoles her by offering popsicles. The scene then changes to them going on a date where they grow closer to each other. Back to the movie set, he removes his jacket and asks for her autograph on his t-shirt, which leaves her emotional.

Apart from the title track, the album consists of six more songs: Wonder, I Do, Lost, Lost acoustic version, Ordinary Days and Lost. Each track represents a different emotion which tells a beautiful story about love and loss. It shows a side of the singer that the fans rarely get a chance to witness. It can be noticed that the artist poured his heart into the songs and sang them with immense passion.

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Prior to the release of the album, the artist appeared in a blockbuster South Korean movie called The Moon, which had a domestic theatrical release on August 2, 2023. However, the movie will also be released in different countries in the upcoming days. On September 22, 2023, the movie will premiere in India.

Watch Somebody Music Video

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The K-pop singer has been making a mark equally in both the music and film industry. He is one of the few idols who has received critical acclaim for his acting skills. The singer has more upcoming projects in the near future.

His latest Expectation album is streaming on Spotify.

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