Son Heung-min Tops October Star Brand Reputation Ranking, Beating No.2 Lim Young-woong & No.3 BTS

The Korean Brand Reputation Research Insitute analyzed 236,898,846 brand big data of stars, including entertainers, singers, actors, idols, and sports people, from September 29th, 2023 to October 29th, 2023 by measuring the brand participation index, media index, communication index, and community index. Compared to the result last month (September), the October figure showed an increase of 4.69%.

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As a result, footballer Son Heung-min dominated 1st place, followed by singer Lim Young-woong in 2nd place and boy group BTS in 3rd place.

son heung min

Charting No.1, Son Heung-min achieved a total brand reputation score of 9,829,139, which fell 3.68% from September’s brand score. In particular, this brand was analyzed with a participation index of 1,698,869, a media index of 2,285,373, a communication index of 2,552,317, and a community index of 3,292,580.

No.2 brand Lim Young-woong also saw a slight decrease in brand score, from  8,707,834 in September to 8,518,029 in October. It recorded 1,366,986 in the participation index, 2,285,013 in the media index, 2,225,088 in the communication index, and 2,640,942 in the community index.

BTS brand came in 3rd place with a total brand reputation score of 7,920,754, including a participation index of 344,624, a media index of 2,210,193, a communication index of 2,940,216, and a community index of 2,425,722. It fell 7.62% compared to last month. 

son heung min

In particular, Director Koo Chang-hwan of the Korean Brand Reputation Research Insitute said, “Son Heung-min got No.1 due to his amazing performances as the striker and captain of EPL Tottenham Hotspur. No.2 Lim Young-woong achieved high viewer ratings in broadcasting activities, while No.3 BTS continues to be a top Hallyu icon with individual promotions.”

Meanwhile, TOP 30 of the October Star Brand Reputation Ranking are Son Heung-min, Lim Young-woong, BTS, Lee Kang-in, BLACKPINK, Newjeans, IVE, IU, TWICE, SEVENTEEN, EXO, Yoo Jae-suk, Kim Min-jae, Kim Ho-joong, Cha Eun-woo, Baek Jong-won, NCT, Go Yoon-jung, Lee Chan-won, Lee Yoo-mi, Song Joong-ki, Kang Dong-won, Lee Jung-hoo, LE SSERAFIM, Youngtak, aespa, Park Ji-sung, Lee Dae-ho, Lee Byung-hun, and Nam Goong-min.

Source: Daum