Son Hyun Joo and Kim Myung Min To Face Off In New Genie TV Original Series

Genie TV’s original drama Your Honor (created by Pyo Min-soo, written by Kim Jae-hwan, directed by Yoo Jong-seon, planned by KT Studio Genie, produced by Take One Studio Co., Ltd. and Monster Company) is set to premiere this summer.

The series explores the fatherhood of two men who become “monsters” for their children, highlighting a clash of instincts.

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Son Hyun Joo stars as Song Pan-ho, a highly respected judge known for his warm personality. Audiences can anticipate a multifaceted, passionate performance from Son Hyun-joo, as he delves into the complexities of Song Pan-ho’s character—a man leading a successful, blemish-free life with strong principles and a just mission, while also being a devoted father.

In contrast, Kim Myung Min plays Kim Kang-heon, a ruthless crime boss with a cold heart and intimidating presence. Kim Myung-min’s portrayal will showcase the unwavering paternal love of Kim Kang-heon, a figure of omnipotent power who instills fear in everyone around him, brought to life by Kim Myung-min’s powerful charisma.

Your Honor is generating high expectations due to the involvement of renowned actors Son Hyun Joo and Kim Myung Min, and an accomplished production team.

Creator Pyo Min-soo, known for Korean dramas like The Third Charm and Full House, joins forces with director Yoo Jong-seon of Pale Moon and What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim and writer Kim Jae-hwan, noted for his trendy and sensitive writing in Boyhood.

The collaboration of these trusted and beloved actors and a reputable production team sets the stage for “Your Honor” to become a legendary suspense drama.

This highly anticipated series, featuring an acting showdown between Son Hyun-joo and Kim Myung-min, will be available this summer on Genie TV, Genie TV Mobile, and ENA, following Crash.