Son Seok Koo Initially Planned to Live & Get Married in Canada – What Stopped Him?

Son Seok Koo spills unexpected revelations about his personal life and career.

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One of the things he recalled was almost getting married in Canada.

Son Seok Koo Initially Wanted to Settle Down in Canada

During his guest appearance on the YouTube channel “Channel 15ya” together with “‘A Killer Paradox” cast Choi Woo Sik and Lee Hee Joon, the actor shared that he didn’t plan on living in South Korea. Instead, he thought about settling down in Canada.

Son Seok Koo D.P
(Photo : Netflix Korea)

“While working as a theater actor in Canada, I was thinking of getting married and living my life forever there,” he said, as obtained by a media outlet.

However, Son Seok Koo revealed that his parents “really tried” to stop him.

So rather than having a family of his own, he came to Korea and eventually enjoyed it.

“I thought it would be right to live here,” he said, adding that he is the type of person who does everything that he wants to do.

Thankfully, he was able to adjust to the life and culture in Korea. In a way, Son Seok Koo realized that he had made the right decision.

“In fact, I knew deep in my heart that I was a stranger, and I felt that I had lived in tension for a dozen years. I felt comfortable living in a place where there were people like me.”

Son Seok Koo was born in Korea but moved abroad to study. The reason was what prompted him to go to the United States to transform himself.

In one interview, he said that he used to be shy, and to break this, he needs to start with a new environment to become an outgoing person. This is where he studied visual arts and film.

On the other hand, Son Seok Koo would spend a lot of time in sports, particularly basketball, while living in Canada.

It came to a point where he dreamed of becoming a basketball player.

Son Seok Ko Recalls Unforgettable Advice He Got From Lee Byung Hun

During the interview, along with his co-stars from “A Killer Paradox,” Son Seok Koo mentioned Lee Byung Hun’s name and recalled a remarkable encounter with him.

Son Seok Koo
(Photo : Netflix Korea)
Lee Byung Hun
(Photo : Lee Byung Hun Instagram)

Confessing that he is a fan of the actor, he shared having a small talk with him over the phone and unexpectedly receiving career and life advice.

“He told me to be very careful when choosing my projects. In some ways, he is saying this from a realistic and common sense perspective, but what is different is that senior Lee Byung-hun did it.”

As mentioned, Son Seok Koo is set to appear in the upcoming K-drama “A Killer Paradox.”

Set to air on Netflix on February 9, it is based on a webtoon that depicts the story of an ordinary college student named Lee Tang.

‘A Killer Paradox’ Poster
(Photo : Netflix Korea Official)
‘A Killer Paradox’ Teaser Captures Choi Woo Shik & Son Seok Koo’s Deadly Chase

Working as a part-timer in a convenience store, a shocking incident changed his life.

The upcoming series is helmed by “Strangers from Hell” director Lee Chang Hee.