Son Seok Koo Reunites With ‘My Liberation Notes’ Director + Joins ‘Our Blues’ Stars Han Ji Min, Lee Jung Eun

Son Seok Koo will be returning to the small screen with an interesting K-drama, “More Beautiful Than Heaven.”

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Following his back-to-back projects in 2023, the award-winning star continues to build a solid filmography through his project lineup. 

Interestingly, for his upcoming K-drama, he will be working alongside director Kim Seok Yoon. 

With Son Seok Koo selected to headline the new drama series, this will be their reunion project after the hit 2022 K-drama “My Liberation Notes.”

Son Seok Koo D.P
Kim Da Mi & Son Seok Koo To Lead New Disney+ Series By ‘Narco Saints’ Director
(Photo : Netflix Korea)

In an exclusive report by News 1 Korea, Son Seok Koo has decided to join the new drama “More Beautiful Than Heaven.”

Interestingly, the upcoming drama series also boasts a star-studded cast, with Han Ji Min and Lee Jung Eun also selected to join the series. 

Han Ji Min
(Photo : BH Entertainment)
Lee Jung Eun
(Photo : News 1 Korea)

In a separate report, Lee Jung Eun’s agency, Will Entertainment, mentioned that the veteran actress has “received an offer and is currently reviewing it.”

Like Son Seok Koo, “More Beautiful Than Heaven” also served as a reunion project for both Lee Jung Eun and Han Ji Min since they headlined the star-studded drama “Our Blues” with Lee Byung Hun, Shin Min Ah, Kim Woo Bin, and more. 

Interestingly, the upcoming K-drama will be the third project with director Kim Suk Yoon.

‘My Liberation Notes’ Began Son Seok Koo’s Top Star Era

In 2022, Son Seok Koo made a mark as Mr. Goo for his role in “My Liberation Notes.”

At the time, the JTBC drama received favorable reviews from viewers. In addition to this, his team-up with Kim Ji Won draws interest from fans, with viewers calling them the “worship couple.”

In the same year, Son Seok Koo continued to dominate both the big screen and K-drama with multiple projects, portraying various roles. 

Whether he is the protagonist or the villain, he surely delivers a notable performance. 

Among his big projects in 2022 was the blockbuster movie “The Roundup” with Ma Dong Seok, in which he played the villain. 

Interestingly, he continues to headline top niche K-dramas like “D.P. ” season 2, reprising his role as Lieutenant Im Ji Sup. 

Adding to the list of Son Seok Koo dramas are “Big Bet” seasons 1 and 2. 

As for 2024, he started the year with a webtoon-based thriller mystery series. 

Son Seok Koo teamed up with Choi Woo Shik in “A Killer’s Paradox,” where he played the role of hotshot detective Jang Nan Gam. 

For the upcoming project, other than “More Beautiful Than Heaven,” he will also star in the star-studded K-drama “Nine Puzzle,” which will air in 2025. 

Nine Puzzle
(Photo : Osen)