Son Ye Jin learns golf from husband Hyun Bin “I asked him to play with me and give advice to me”

Actress Son Ye Jin revealed that she learns golf from her husband Hyun Bin

On Sep 20th, a video featuring Son Ye Jin was uploaded on the channel “Lim Jin Han Class”.

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In the video, Lim Jin Han said, “It’s been two years since she was last on the show.” Son Ye Jin mentioned the changes in her life during that time, “I got married. I had a baby.”

hyun bin son ye jin

Lim Jin Han went on to say, “Now, you are married. You had a baby. You need to take care of the baby. You don’t have time for golf.

Son Ye Jin confessed, “I thought it would be nice to promote and be connected with our fans at the same time. I anticipated being on the show. That being said, I am worried. I might mess it up.”

Next, Lim Jin Han praised Hyun Bin for playing golf well. Son Ye Jin also admitted, “He is a great golfer.”

She shared, “After I decided to be on your show, I asked him to play with me and give advice to me.”

hyun bin son ye jin

Lim Jin Han exclaimed, “Whenever I play a round of golf with Hyun Bin, given the quality of his driver shots and swing posture, he is almost a professional golfer. He plays very well.

In addition, Son Ye Jin expressed her gratitude, “(Hyun Bin) teaches me a lot and practices together with me. He points out some of the problems that I have.”

Hearing this, Lim Jin Han emphasized, “I noticed that Hyun Bin focuses on the basics of golf. If you learn from him, you should learn the fundamental aspect of golf.”

Before getting on the field, Son Ye Jin told fans, “I should show some improvement to you. Even if I can’t, please be generous with me.”

Source: Nate