Son Ye-jin revealed golf-playing shooting

Actress Son Ye-jin has shared an update on her recent activities

On September 9th, Son Ye-jin took to her Instagram and posted a photo of herself with the caption, “Finally finished shooting!” She added, “It’s been a while since I met you all, and I’m nervous. It was a challenging shoot, playing golf in front of the camera.”

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son ye jin

In the shared photo, Son Ye-jin is seen posing with a bright smile on a golf course, exuding her innocent beauty and a charming atmosphere.

She continued, “The broadcast date hasn’t been decided yet. I’ll let you know when it’s confirmed! Our staff insisted on taking photos like this. Have a great weekend!”

Upon seeing her post, fellow actor Lee Min-jung commented, “Oh, finally~ Are you going to show it? Are you wearing golf outfits?” expressing her anticipation. Fans are also excited to see what kind of content Son Ye-jin will be sharing to update them on her recent activities.

son ye jin

Last year, Son Ye-jin tied the knot with actor Hyun Bin in March and welcomed their son in November. At the time, she shared her thoughts, saying, “Giving birth to a child made me feel like I’m becoming a bit more mature. Holding the precious, tiny life in my arms, I realized that we are all someone’s daughters and sons. When I met someone who loves me more than I do, I felt both helpless and strong, thinking I can do anything.”

Son Ye-jin is currently considering her next project and has resumed her activities as a model for a domestic probiotics brand and golf apparel.

Source: wikitree